Monday, December 31, 2007

One last post for 2007

Just popped in to say that I hope everyone had a great 2007 and looking forward to 2008. We're home and getting ready for bed.

Do you have any resolutions for 2008? What are your favorite memories from 2007?

I hope everyone has a safe and blessed year ahead!


Amy Birch said...

Happy New Year, my friend!!!

Here's hoping that the year is filled with Peace, Health, and Happiness for you and your family!!!

Love you,


Anonymous said...

We came home early as well... Better to be safe than on the road when the bars get out...:)

Hope you have a wonderful New Year... I have many resolutions for 2008... My first is to give up SODA, and make 70% of all my fluid intake, WATER... After that, I have a few more to incorporate, I my goal is to get healthier, I believe the weight loss will follow...:)

Love ya!!!


Kelly said...

Howdy Theresa,

Well....I'm hoping to work on loosing weight and getting healthy for 2008.

One of my dearest friends moved 8 minutes away from me this past summer...that is one of the good things of 2007. Dept reduction is another one, we are busting through our dept....we are looking forward to dept free living one day LOL (isn't everyone hee hee hee). Of course my very favorite is all the laughs I've enjoyed during 2007...laughing is one of my favorite things to do!


CarlaJ said...

My best memory without a doubt was the four of us being baptized together. What a moment!

C70 said...

Happy new year, T!

Wishing you and your family more blessings in 2008!

Margie H said...

A happy, happy 2008!!!

Hope it will be a bigger and better year for you, my friend!!!

Hugs, MargieH in Chicago

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