Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Reflection of goals

I made this to sit on my scrap shelf and remind me of what my goals were for 2007. It's just a bunch of little tags held together by a giant wooden paper clip that I painted to match my color scheme.
My goals were as follows:
1. Sharpen my photography skills, read my camera manual
Well, I did read my camera manual, but dozed off one too many times. I think I'm just a tad more skilled, but still alot left to learn.

2. Spend only $20 a week on scrappy supplies- I mean it!!
Well, I failed miserably in this department. I think it'll go back on the list for 2008
3. Quit putting scrappy supplies above personal needs. Each month buy yourself a new bra, a new pair of panties, etc.
I did pretty good on this one.
4. Submit at least one item per month for publication.
I did not follow through on this one. After I got published, I kinda lost interest, but I think it'll go on the list again for 2008.
5. Make at least 5 Christmas cards a month.
I exceeded this goal. I think I made close to to 70 but lost count. I know I sent about 100 handmade cards this year.
6. RAK something each month.
I'm pretty sure I reached this goal too. It'll go back on the list for '08 too! (Lucky you, those reading this blog!)
7. Enter SOY contest this year if there is one.
Oops! I forgot about this goal. I will change this one to Memory Makers Master. Anyone care to join me on this goal?

So, how'd you do? Have you made a little scrappy something like I did to set your goals for '08? If so, link us to it so we can see!!


Anonymous said...

Love your post! So funny how you did or didn't meet your goals!

Here's to an awesome 2008 -- all the best to you and your family, Theresa!

RobinV said...

Happy New Year Theresa. Good luck to meeting your new goals for 08.

I only made 1 goal last year and it was to create at least 52 layouts. I ended up with 109 so I am really happy with my accomplishment.

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVED your resolutions project. SO cute!!!! And I think you did great on your goals.


Kelly said...

WOW what great goals and I think you did pretty good for 2007!

Can't wait to see your final list for 2008, thanks for the inspiration!

joybear said...

Just trying to catch up on blogs and wish you a Happy new year!!...CONGRATS on the win, I love that LO and was wishing you would get the grand is just too perfect. The cookie cutter story made me giggle! I love your goals, and you did pretty good!

sollie said...

Great goals!! Maybe I should think about some too.
Love, Isolde

Dettao said...

happy New Year. Good job on the goals for last year.

Morgan said...

Awesome goals! I've made some for this year too, I like that you wrote them down. Congrats on 2007 and here's to an even better 08!

Jude said...

what a cool way to keep track of your goals!! :)

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