Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Here's Da Man!!

What do you think of this photo of me and Tim? Is it just me, or doesn't it look like Tim wants me? I think he wants me. LOLOLOL!!! Just kidding! HA HA HA!! Seriously, he reminds me so much of my hunny, Eric. They have the same coloring- fair skin, strawberry blonde hair, deep brown eyes. I am naturally attracted to him. Too bad he's too busy for me or Eric might be in trouble. Ha ha. Just kididng, honey. Although a lifetime supply of Ranger products via Tim is quite tempting!

I spent hours under Tim's wing at CHA. I was completely captivated and mesmorized by him. The beautiful things he makes with his hands are unbelieveable. I'm so glad I was able to keep a few things from his demos. Here's a picture of Norma with the man.
Just looking at all the rings he wears, you know he's an artsy fartsy type. Hee hee...

I'm sorry I don't have a make-n-take to share of Tim's. I shamed myself into asking for two, I didn't have the guts to ask for more. Next time, if there is a next time, I'm going all out!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Introducing Logan!

Debbie's Colleen had her baby! You might remember a few weeks ago I did a photo shoot of her pregnant belly. Now our little Logan is here! I went to Colleen's to do the photo shoot of our baby tonight.
I do not claim to be a professional photographer, but I really like how these turned out. You can really see how tiny the little toes are compared to Mommy and Daddy's wedding bands.

As you can see, Logan has lots of dark hair.

Here's a good shot of Logan's face. He was so good for our photoshoot! I couldn't believe how cooperative he was!

Here's big brother Drew, just being Drew! LOL!!

Challenge #4

The Challenge-
Create a layout about a childhood memory and how it relates to you now. The Details- Meaningful journaling is very important and can be either typed or hand written but must be included in your layout description. You must include at least one picture, yet that picture does not have to be from your childhood and doesn't even have to be a picture of you. It will, obviously, have to be about your topic, though. The memory you use can be a single event or a broad category and by childhood I mean through high school. There is no limit to the number of pictures you use. This can be a 1 or 2 page layout and all supplies and the title are up to you.Here are some page examples just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about.-something you loved or hated as a child and how you feel about it today-something you see your kids doing that relates to you and your childhood-how something random today stirs up childhood memories .

Every week I fret and wonder, will I be able to get this challenge done? It's always such a relief when it finally comes together and I can post it!Home is where My Heart is.Quote on blue strip reads, "A house is made of walls and beams. A home is made with LOVE and dreams.Journaling read:Here it is- the place where I spent most of my childhood. In this house I learned all about unconditional love, honesty, compassion, generosity, devotion, stability, servitude, faithfulness, forgiveness, nurturing- all the good things my parents taught me that are in me today. We didn't have much but were happy with what we had. After I grew up and moved away to start a family of my own, I missed the comfort of home so badly. Aftre my Dad passed away, I realized that home is not at 77573, League City, Texas. Home is in your heart. I will forever carry a piece of this home in my heart. Today, I will share this "home" with my sons and it will live on in their hearts too.Supplies- DCWV- Nana's kids, Doodlebug Frills, Heidi Swapp ghost heart, Doodlebug pp, Prima flowers, Queen & Co. brads, Bazzill cs.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Meet my new friend, Mou

I had these pictures saved to draft yesterday and was going to post after I got my journaling done for them but was so busy with work, I didn't have a chance to. I work part-time as a Health and Safety Director for a small shoe manufacturer in Sullivan, Missouri. Every year, I'm required by law to deliver OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) mandated training, which means I have to train over 300 people on 3 different shifts. So I had to hit the floor running as soon as I got back from CHA.

As it turns out, my new BFF, Mou Saha visited my blog yesterday even before I had a chance to post pics of us. And yes, you heard right. I didn't get a chance to meet Wilna- this time. I know without a doubt it will happen but this was just not the time, so I'm looking forward to what God has in store for me in the future. She came by the Piggy Tales booth on Sunday but I was already gone. Mou got to talk to her, though.

Now I have to tell you about Mou. Where do I start? The first thing I asked her was how to pronounce her name. It's MOE, yeah like the three stooges Moe. Ha ha. Sorry, Mou. She is the most amazing artist and if that weren't enough, I was more amazed at her humility. I mean, here is a HOF'er, SOY finalist, Making Memories Idol top 3 contestant, Rusty Pickle chef, etc. etc. etc. and she is so humble! I wanted her to be in the spotlight at the Piggy Tales booth, but she wanted to hide behind the counter and put kits together instead!! I couldn't believe it! We had such a fine time pal-ing around the convention center, looking at all the new goodies, doing make-n-takes! I am SO glad I had the opportunity to get to know one of my idols in this industry! I love you, Mou and miss you too! Can't wait to hug you again, hopefully really soon!

We had a fun time flirting with Tim Holtz. He is just amazing! I'm glad I got to keep something he made at his demo.

Meet my new friend, Margie

Here is my new friend, Margie Higuchi and Norma at our hotel room. This is Chicago pizza at its best! Look at all that yummy grease!

My stomach started growling as soon as I saw the picture of this pizza. Isn't that funny? I'm like Pavlov's dogs. Ha ha!

Ok, I have got to tell you about my new friend, Margie. She is one amazing gal. She's fluent in English and Japanese. She is married to a Buddhist monk. Who knew monks could get married?? Anyway, I booked the room with her sight unseen. I didn't know what to expect. When we arrived in Chicago our room wasn't ready yet so we left our bags with the concierge. We left to work the show. We hadn't yet had a chance to meet Margie cuz she was in the convention hall already. I wouldn't have know who she was cuz I had never seen her. When we finally got into our room, Margie had already been there but she was gone. Waiting on the bed for me and Norma was a little goodie package complete with cool Laserline chipboard, Japanese candy (which I scarfed right away), mints, gum (what're you trying to say, Margie? hee hee) and what not. I mean, is this the most thoughtful girl? She also brought us snacks like Snickers, granola bars, Reese's bars, bottled water. I really felt taken care of. I was like, "Is my mother here" while looking under the bed. That night we had pizza. She took care of the ordering and arrangements. There are not alot of places to eat near the convention center. The place was designed so that business travelers could fly in, convene and then fly out again. The airport is like 5 minutes away or something really close. The only places to eat were the hotels- expensive. Downtown was like 20 minutes away. Not an economical taxi ride, besides, there wasn't really any time. Next year I'm flying in on Thursday and staying until Sunday night. On Saturday, we decided to eat at a really nice restaurant called Gibson's (I think). It was really expensive but oh, so good! The highest item on the menu (I always check) was the surf and turf (a HUGE lobster tail and huge steak) was $163!! No, I did not get the surf and turf. I wanted to splurge, but that was more than a splurge. Besides, 4 people could've eaten off that plate, it was so big. The girls at the table next to us ordered dessert. It was a macadamia nut turtle pie. I'm not kidding. It was huge. It was $14! It was at least 6 inches high and about 1/4 of a 10 inch pie. The four of them each had a slice and there was still a ton left, so they gave us the rest. The three of us ate from it and there was still so much left. Can you believe 7 girls could not finish it? We were lucky we didn't have to pay for it. The girls are from San Antonio. One of them was opening a new LSS there.
On Friday night, 2peas sponsored a reception complete with sweet treats and drinks. My name was drawn to win a package of Chipboard cookies from Sonborn (I think they're new) and a pkg of large green sticker letters. I gave them to Margie for being so sweet to us. There were a bunch of garden girls there. Joann Bolick took our picture. She's bubbly and sweet. Very friendly. I was surprised to see how young Tia Bennet is. Kelly Crowe is so cute. She looks like she's in junior high. She's tiny.
We had a wonderful time thanks to Margie who took care of us. Being a resident Chicagoan, she knew her way around.

Thanks, Margie!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Elsie, Elsie, Elsie!

Here are some shots of Elsie's booth. You can see the KI Memories booth in the background. KI is the company who sponsors Elsie.

Isn't this a cute tree filled with handmade ornaments? She took a McCall's pattern and cut out ornaments from it. She's so creative. I can see why she chose a white tree. The ornaments really pop against the white background. Now I want to go out and get a white tree too! LOL!

She has several new lines for the holidays: Jack and Abby is in fall colors, Noel and Zoe. Zoe is a fun colorful line designed just for the scrapbooker. It features patterned paper with little cameras and such.

This display here previews the new idea box she's coming out with. It's a must have for me.

I think you can click on each image to make them bigger.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ok, I couldn't stand it!

Here's a photo of me and C.D.! Like how I added a filter to it to smoooootthhh out my wrinkles! I also cropped out my big fat arm. C.D. is such a tiny little thing, I look like a gargantuan up next to her! Hee hee! There's only one word to describe her- SWEET! She's a doll. Her talent amazes me.
I'll post more later, after I photo shopped myself to death! Hee hee!

Back from CHA

So very tired. Coming down from the high. Time to crash and burn. My mind is a blur. I'm worthless and spent. Will try to gather my thoughts and post something coherent soon!

One note- Tim Holtz is a sweetie. More photos to come.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

What a Blast!

Hello, from me at CHA!! Here I am with Erin Lincoln and C.D. Muckosky. Today I got to spend some time with Tim Holtz. Be sure to check out Erin's blog from CHA with her and me. I will catch you all up on all the good times had here when I get back home.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Challenge #3

CHALLENGE #3 Details: In honor of July 7, 07, you will create a layout entitled, "Seven Things I Am Lucky to Have". You can add to the Title, but that must be the basic title for your layout. Your layout can be one or 2 pages, but it must be 8 1/2 x 11 or 12x12.Your layout must also include the following:7 photos7 buttons7 journaling stripsYou may use any other embellies, papers, etc...

Putting this seven photo layout together was like working a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle! Ha ha!
I used the Everyday Tango by My Mind's Eye patterned paper. I like to use the word "blessed" instead of "lucky" so I titled my layout "My 7 Blessings". I used my Cricut to cut out my title and the scallop on my paper.
These are seven things I could not live without:
1. My hopes and dreams- this is a picture of the land where we will soon build our dream home.
2. A Christian husband
3. Three healthy sons
4. Devoted parents- They adopted me. I thank God for them for giving me a loving home and a happy childhood.
5. My health- How do you take a picture of your health? The best I could do was make a heart shape with my hands and lay it over my heart to symbolize my health.
6. My citizenship- I was born in a foreign country. I do not take for granted one single day of living on American soil.
7. My Faith- I took a picture of the church steeple to represent my relationship with Jesus. He is my world, my everything. Without Him, I would cease to exist.
Thanks for looking. I'm relieved to have this completed!

I'm leaving for CHA in the morning!!

Woohooo!!!! I can't wait!! I'll take lots of pics to sneak peeks for everyone.

I'm also relieved to have completed challenge #3 of the little contest we're participating in. I'm at work right now but when I get home, I'll post the layouts and details. I'll have to say, it's the hardest one yet. I stayed up until 4:00 a.m. to finish it and the bonus challenge bookmark b/c I had to get it in before leaving to CHA. The challenge is due midnite on Saturday and I'd be in Chicago then, so I had to get it done now. I'll try to chat once more before leaving to CHA. If I can get my hands on a computer before then, I'll try to update everyone while I'm gone!

Monday, July 16, 2007

New Miracle! We sold our house!!

Yup, you heard right! We SOLD OUR HOUSE!! The market is stagnant right now, yet we managed to sell our house! This means a big upheaval in our lives. It's a bittersweet change. This is the only home Connor has ever known so I think he will have a hard time adjusting to it. We brought him home here after he was born. We are, however, bribing him with getting a new puppy when we finish building our home. I'll be happy though, having my own scraproom where I can close the door to my pig sty and nobody (Eric) has to look at it! Hee hee!!

I'm getting ready for CHA! I'm really excited about attending for the first time this year. I found out that Mou Saha and Marla Kress will be working the Piggy Tales booth with us, so I'm happy to be surrounded with such talented artists!!

Just a little blurb about the cumulative RAK! It's hard telling what else will go into the box once I start packing up my scraproom! So far everyone is really close! Here's what I have so far:

Noell 2
Kelz 1
Deb 11
Detta 4
Liz 5
Kelly 14
Cheryl Wray 3
Cheryl P 8
Jude 8
Amy 10
Joz 8
Kara 2
Sollie 1

Don't worry, I'll have bonus points periodically to up your scores! I'm really enjoying having you stop by and visit. It's a shame though that I had to dangle a carrot in front of my BFF, Debbie, to get her to post on my blog!! LOLOLOL!!!!
You can always email me at
ttyree@fidnet.com if you have any questions or if you think I made a mistake in my tallying, which is entirely possible!!
Kelly, Kara and Amy- I need to get you those card scraps out soon. I haven't forgotten. I'm just slow!

Friday, July 13, 2007

I love this face

I took this photo of Drew the other day while doing Colleen's photo shoot. He definitely has Debbie's big beautiful blue eyes!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Challenge #2

Here are the rules:

Challenge #2 Details: You know I love sketches, I love using more than 1 photo regulary and I am a pattern paper collector – so join me in taking on a fairly open ended challenge with the requirements being:

1. Use an Elsie Flannagan sketch (file attached and there are 28 to choose from! Here’s the link: http://elsieflannigan.blogspot.com/2007/02/just-for-fun.html)
2. Scrap a minimum of 3 pictures
3. Use at least 2 different pattern papers from at least 2 different collections/manufacturers

I chose sketch #4.
I painted a star on chipboard with black acrylic paint and then cut it out. I painted my title with a paintbrush and black and white paint and then I outlined it when after it dried. I also love to add little touches like the stars sewn with embroidery thread.

For our midweek bonus point challenge we had to:

Use the inspiration from one of these current scrapbook magazine covers (photos above) to create a project. Anything goes - a simple card, a 6x6 LO, a 12x12 or any alterable items - whatever you muse.

These covers are: Simple Scrapbooks July/August 2007 issue & Scrapbooks Etc. July 2007 issueBut be speedy! Projects due Thursday July 12th by 5pm EST (just a bit more than 24 hours). Post in the gallery under week 2 for the game and link back to here with cover that you found inspirational. Hope you are having fun and getting lots done!

Here is the Thank You card I came up with:

This was really fun. It made me realize that you can find inspiration even by looking at magazine covers! Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Challenge #1 Entry

Challenge: OLD SCHOOL!
Challenge Details:
I am challenging you to create a LO using some of your stash! Go through and look for your oldest papers, embellishments, ribbons, alphas and such! Get rid of those old supplies that are just sitting around! Make room for new stuff! (I know some of us purge a lot so dont worry if your oldest stuff is only a few months old, just use it!) In addition to using your stash I would like you to scrap a picture that is from the year you started scrapping! For instance I started in 2004 so my pic would be from that year. If you are unsure the exact year you started, get as close as you can get! The subject of the pic and LO does not matter! Just to challenge you even more (insert evil laugh, hehe) I am also challenging you to try and remember one of the first techniques you used in your earliest LO's and use it on this LO!!! Take a look through your first album if you cant remember!
To recap you are doing 3 things for this challenge:
1. Using old supplies (a mixture of papers, embellishments and alphas. New items can be used but please keep them to a minimum).
My take: I used old paper from Paper Adventures and another that was so old there was no name or barcode strip anywhere. I also used stickers, which I don't use anymore. I didn't start scrapping until 2005 but I made cards and collected all kinds of scrapbook related items (paper, cardstock, stickers, etc.) for about 10 years prior.
2. Scrapping a picture from in or around the year you began scrapping.
My take: A picture of Connor in 2005
3. Using one of the first techniques you tried.
My take: This layout spans techniques from when I was a card maker (scallop shaped scissors) until when I started in 2005 (sewing, inking edges, computer journaling)

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hunky Hunny

It's not often I get a picture of Eric with his eyes open. I caught him by surprise while he was landscaping our front yard a while back. I was going through photos for my next challenge project when I happened upon this one of him. Isn't he H-O-T??? Oh yeah, after FIVE years, he still makes my heart melt.

Love you Hunny Bunny!

Upcoming classes at For Keepsakes Scrapbook Store

Some of you may not know this but I'm a teacher for For Keepsakes which is the largest/best scrapbook store in St. Louis. There is a link on their blog to my blog. They don't have pictures of my upcoming classes on their blog so I think I'll go ahead and post them here just in case someone wanders over here from there. Here are the highlights of this two page layout class:

Have you wished that you could incorporate your own flair and design into your layouts?
In this class I will teach you how to create your own journaling box, as well as hand cut title and embellishment buttons.
I will give you tips on hand journaling as well as using the Crop-a-dile.

What to bring:
Two 4x6 photos
Four 3 ½ by 5 inch photos
Journaling Pen

I'm also teaching a class on how to alter this card box with crackle finish. This was the box I worked on for Rusty Pickle.
Now, if anyone knows how I can post pictures of my classes permanently on my sidebar, would you please tell me! I'd also like to know how to customize my blog banner. I'm 'puter illiterate. Hee hee.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Photo shoot

Colleen is one of the most beautiful pregnant women I've ever seen. It was such a priviledge to shoot her pregnancy photos today.
Don't forget about the ongoing RAK!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

How about a new challenge??

I have SO many scraps that my scrapfolio is bursting at the seams!! I thought, "hhhmmm, these scraps would make some really cute cards. So.....

If you would like me to send you a pile of scraps from my stash to create some beautiful cards, drop me a shout out right here in the comments section. When you're done, I'll post your handiwork here and I'll let some non-biased people vote. Do you think this is a fair way to judge? I'll send a prize to the winner. Don't know what the prize is yet. You'd be doing me a favor by taking these delicious tidbits off my hands.

Tell me what color family you'd like and I'll pull something together for you.


Friday, July 06, 2007

Stay- the most wonderful word in a friend's vocabulary

I love having my friends stop and say hi here. So, in honor of our friendships and to celebrate my second anniversary of becoming an obsessed scrapper I am going to start and amazing RAK that will conclude in December- just in time for Christmas!! Each month I will add to this special RAK box. This month I will be adding to the box my most favorite, inspiring magazine. This magazine will definitely get you thinking outside the box! You'll love it!
Next month, I will add an amazing portfolio containing my favorite pencils- Prisma colors. I will post a picture of this prize some time next month. I have ideas of other things I'd like to add to the box and one of the ideas I have has to do with another hobby I love- jewelry making. Some time between now and December, I will make a piece of jewelry to place into the box- either a bracelet or earrings. I will use Swarovski Crystals and other pretties. I'm also thinking of throwing in some hand made cards and a set of Stampin Up! stamps.
Would you like to know how to win this RAK? It's easy. Here are the details...
As I said, I love having friends visit me here. All you have to do to win the prize is be the most frequent poster on my blog. I will tally up your comments at the end of the year and whoever visits the most must obviously mean they love me the most (hee hee) so to show my appreciation, I will send that person a nice Christmas present. If there are ties, I will either place names into a drawing for Connor to pick out or I will send the finalists a questionnaire to fill out and whoever scores the highest points will win.
I made a resolution at the beginning of the year to RAK something each month so this is in keeping with my resolution. Now, if I could just keep my resolution of only spending $20 a week I would make my hubby so happy. Oh well. LOL!
On another note, I can't contain my excitement! I just ordered my plane tickets to CHA- Chicago this morning. I can not tell you how excited I am to attend and hopefully meet Wilna!! It's incredible how God works! I was standing at my kitchen sink a couple months ago and a still soft voice (God's voice) came out of nowhere and told me, "You're going to meet Wilna in real life". I thought, how can this be when Wilna lives all the way in Canada? Don't question God's power. He has given me the incredible opportunity to meet someone whom I love so dearly and inspires me daily. You can find Wilna's blog by clicking on the sidebar on her My He{art} blog. And if that weren't good enough, it gets even better! I'm going with my adopted mom, Connor's Grandma- Norma Jean! I'm so stinkin' excited I can't stand myself!!
Now I hope that God whispers in my ear that I'll get to meet Liz too and hopefully all my other Heart friends.

My work