Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New RAK and challenge almost done!!

I promise you, I'm really not teasing. Connor came downstairs with me last night and helped me put together like 7 page kits for the upcoming challenge. He was such a good little man last night helping me. He acted so mature in his little superman cape pajamas. I should've got a photo of him. He is a pure delight. Anyway, I still need to add more embellshment stuff to the kits and then photo them and post them on the old blog for you guys to pick which ones you want.

I've got to finish the title and journaling on a layout that's due today for pubbing. I'm making myself submit at least one thing per month for pub as part of my New Year's Resolution. Speaking of resolutions, how are your coming along? I have already abandoned the $20/week spending thing. I'd have to sit out the next 6 months to catch up!! LOL! Not really but I'm sure it's bad. Actually, I've lost track. And the 5 Christmas cards a month thing hasn't happened yet. I hope to get those done at our next crop.

Hope everyone is having a blessed week so far. I think there's still time to sign up for this contest:
Come play with me over there!


Friday, February 23, 2007

New Avatar

I've been fooling around with different filters of pics Deb took of me today. These filters are so cool. Should I change my avatar to this?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Good news/Bad news

Wow! What a week this has been. I'm disappointed not to be a finalist in the Making Memories contest, but after seeing all the incredible entries to the contest, I can see how tough the competition was! I mostly feel left out of not being able to play with the other finalists. I love contests and challenges. It's ok. I'll just be more driven now to find my own style, which I think is still emerging with each new layout I create.
On an up note, 2 years of waiting has come to an end for my oldest son, Josh. He has been facing charges for something stupid that he did 2 years ago. Serious charges that I will not go into detail here. Thanks to everyone's prayers, the final outcome of the charges today are 3 years probation with charges being dropped after those three years of probation with a clean record. So it's been a rather eventful week so far and it's only Wednesday!! I'm looking forward to spending time with my oldest baby and getting some hopefully great photos of my three boys together before Josh goes back to Texas.
Thanks for everyone's prayers!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Quick post- Bazzill 16 cents a sheet

Just a quick enabler post if you need any Bazzill, you can get a grab bag of them here at 16 cents a sheet:

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Photo shoot yesterday and a tag from Liz!

Hi loved ones!

I took some photos of my two boys, Ryan and Connor yesterday. I really love my new lens. I'm not that good yet, but practice makes perfect!!

Liz tagged me for this: List five quirky things about yourself on your blog and then chose two more CKMB friends to post quirky things about themselves on their blog. Some of you already know this, but here goes:
1. I am PETRIFIED of those big hairy flying roaches that grow to epidemic proportions in Texas and Florida. So glad to leave those demon spawns behind in Texas.
2. I do not wear deodorant. Never have. Never will. Me and Matthew McConoughay (sp?) would make a great pair.
3. My ears don't make ear wax. Yup. Quirky.
4. I only have to shave my legs once or twice a week. My mom and sister don't even have to shave their legs, so I got the raw end of the deal here. Something about being Asian and not having much body hair might have something to do with it. Hee hee.
5. I sing goofy, silly songs to my kids all the time. Each boy has their own special song I've made up just for them and they are equally silly, well, Ryan calls them embarrassing. Connor doesn't know any better yet.
I'm off to the CKMB to tag 2 friends.
Here are some photos from yesterday of Connor and Ryan. I had Connor sitting on a stool for the photo shoot, but he wanted to lay on the velvet because, "It's so soft Mommy" so he crawled under the stool and I snapped this photo. LOL! Naughty toddler never wants to cooperate! XOXOX

Friday, February 16, 2007

What Scrapbook Paper Are you??

Go to this website and take the quiz:

Then come back here and tell us what you are!

Here's mine:
You are 7 GYPSIES paper!Oh la are sophisticated and enjoy fine wine and a candlelight dinner. You envision travelling the world someday. Your scrapbook pages are elegant and well thought out.2709 other people got this result!This quiz has been taken 20472 times.29% of people had this result.

What is a RAK?

For those who don't know, RAK, stands for Random Act of Kindness. It's something you do cuz it make ya feel good! I will be having one really soon as I said in my previous post where I will give away page kits. I would like to take pictures of the kits I'm making up so that you can choose what you'd like to work with for the contest.

But for now, more Connor stuff-

His grandma, Norma Jean, always tells him, "I love you so much, I can't stand your guts!" I know it sounds funny when you first hear it. But it means her love for him is so strong she can't stand it. LOL! I know. We're weird. Anyway, so from there I'm always telling him silly things like, "I love your stinkin' guts" or "I love you from head to toe and even your guts". So yesteday, he finally had enough of it and said, "Always. Guts." Is that not hysterical?? Ok, maybe I'm the only one who thinks so. Ha ha ha!!

I could fill my blog up with funny things Connor does AND my mother in law, Shirley. She is so hilarious and she doesn't even try to be. She just is. I have to tell you the story of something that happened the other day. The other day my mil was watching my son and neice. She popped a bag of popcorn and the 3 of them were eating it. A little later that afternoon, instead of dragging out her vacuum to get the bits of popcorn off the floor, she started picking up the little pieces out of her carpet, along with bits of fuzz, paper and even a piece of leftover easter grass from last year! LOL! Well, being the ding dong that she is (and I say that lovingly. I am in the same ding dong league as her, so I can say that) from the living room to the kitchen she forgot what she was doing, thought the wad of crap in her hand was popcorn from when she was eating it earlier, and popped the whole wad of carpet trash in her mouth. She knew something was wrong when she felt the easter grass crinkling in her mouth. HA HA HA!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More Connor stuff and a RAK coming soon!!

Today Connor told me for the very first time about his dream: "Mommy, I dreamed that I got some bubble gum". So my baby now can remember dreams and tell me about them. I get more out of my toddler about his school day than I do out of my teenager. When I picked him up from pre-school he was eager to tell me what he learned that day: "We mixed muffins and baked them and ate them, then we learned about bones inside our body". Then this morning after he told me about his dream, he remember that he learned about the brain that is inside his head yesterday at school. It's so awesome watching my little man bloom. Yesterday on the way to pre-school, he had his 10th anniversary Toy Story DVD box in his lap looking at it. He was tracing the 10 with his fingers. He looked up and said, "Hey mom, this is a 'One' and this is 'zero'. I couldn't believe he knew that!! He said all this while his pacifier was in his mouth!!! LOL!! Yeah, I know. I'm not ready to let my baby go yet. So suck on, Connor, suck on! Ha ha!

We had a crop at the house this past Friday. I'd like to Welcome newcomer Colleen to our group!! She is my neighbor. All this time there was another maniac scrapper living just feet away and I didn't even know it! She's already settled into our group as one of us!
While at the crop Kara told me something that Connor did a couple crops ago that I didn't know about. Kara had brought her daughter, Emily, to the crop. Well, Em was bored and was talking up a storm and wouldn't shut up. Finally, Connor had enough (he doesn't like alot of talking. Just ask my mother in law), whips out his little sherriff badge, slams it on the table in front of Em, and says, "See that. That means BE QUIET!!" Kara and Emily nearly fell over! LOL!! As I was saying about Connor not liking alot of talking, when Connor was really little, before he could even talk, I was taking my mother in law, Shirley, to the doctor, which is an hour trip one way. If any of you know Shirley, she is a non-stop talker. She talked all the way up there and all the way back, only pausing to breathe. Anyway, poor little tortured baby in his car seat had enough. I looked back there and he had his hands up to his ears trying to block out the noise. LOL!! He is too much! HA HA!

Get ready for a RAK and a challenge. I'm going to make up some page kits. You can sign up to win the page kit RAK. Then from these page kits, we'll have a contest from your creations. You can email me your creation. When I get everyone's creation, I'll post them on my blog and we'll vote on a winner. The prize will be an awesome Heidi Swapp album set. Sound fun?

I will get pictures of the kits up soon. Probably by the weekend. I've got some deadlines I'm working on for the 15th so won't get to them until then.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Woohoo!! I'm on board!

Ok, I'm going to tell you all before the finalists are announced that I signed up for the Making Memories Idol contest!! I challenge all my friends to enter it with me. You have until the 15th of February to sign up so HURRY!!! You can sign up here:

I've been talking to Wilna Furstenberg, last year's winner of the MM Idol contest! She is an absolute genuine sweetie!! I have her blog linked to mine. Please take time to visit her and see her unique work.

I'm so excited, my stomach hurts!! LOL!!

My work