Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm having surgery tomorrow

Hi everyone,

I may not be up to blogging for the next few days due to having my gall bladder taken out. If I don't talk to you before then, I hope everyone has a blessed, safe and Merry Christmas!!

Love you all!


Robin V said...

I will be praying for a speedy recovery.

Happy Holidays to you and your family


Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well, and you are back to scrapping in no time..:)

Man, rotten timing... right before Christmas... Oh well, I bet you'll be glad to get it over with..:)

Love ya!!!


Anonymous said...

Theresa, you take care of yourself. You've been doing that for everyone else, now let Eric do that for you, and you do it for yourself! Have a wonderful Christmas.

Cheryl y

joybear said...

praying for you today! Hope all goes smoothly. ((HUGS)) Joy

Margie H said...

Thinking of you today :0)
Hope that everything goes well and praying for a real quick recovery!!


P.S. Hey, thanks for the little goody in the mail!

sollie said...

Merry Christmas, sweetie!

Kelly said...

Please report as soon as you can as to how you are.

I'll be praying for you!

Morgan said...

Good Luck, here's to hoping you'll feel well enough to have a wonderful Christmas!

Dettao said...

Hope all goes well. Merry Christmas

C70 said...

Merry Christmas, Theresa! Will be praying for you!

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