Monday, December 17, 2007

Is everyone's count in?

Comment on this thread and let me know for sure if your count is in.

So far, this is who I have down for the running on the RAK:

Cheryl P
Cheryl Y

If I missed your name, send it to me now!!!


joybear said...

Mine is not there....doesn't look like you are resting!?? I will go see If I can find my email.

Kelly said...

Thank you my dear....I'll be watching your blog like a hawk in between celebrating Erin's birthday with her.

joybear said...

I might be having problems with hotmail so here it is ust in case:

I hope you are feeling better! Sounds like you had a very scary night. Praying it is an easy fix!!!
I tallied my post count and I think I have 47..but one of those might not count. I posted twice on your album so maybe I should tell you I have 46. Plus it is hard to count when a boy shows up asking "did I put Vaseline all over my face!?" Yes, he did!!?? His lip was cracking so I told him to put a little on there so why oh why did he coat his whole face? So maybe you should go with 45 just in case I counted the same one twice. You are so very sweet to do this huge RAK someone is going to be very blessed.
BTW is your Nice and Easy in a gallery somewhere....the slide show moves too fast for me to read it.
I hope you sleep well tonight...will be thinking of you all day tomorrow, Joy
aug 3
sept 10
oct 15
nov 12
dec 7

~Cheryl said...

Yup- present and/or accounted for! ;) I agree- get thee butt to bed and REST. *HUGS!*

Dettao said...

YOu missed me, too. I will resend my email

Jude said...

That Alden got in the way of me keeping up!!! LOLOLOLOL... :)

Jozzie said...

Hope you're resting girlie!

Take care!

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