Friday, February 16, 2007

What Scrapbook Paper Are you??

Go to this website and take the quiz:

Then come back here and tell us what you are!

Here's mine:
You are 7 GYPSIES paper!Oh la are sophisticated and enjoy fine wine and a candlelight dinner. You envision travelling the world someday. Your scrapbook pages are elegant and well thought out.2709 other people got this result!This quiz has been taken 20472 times.29% of people had this result.


Jude said...

OKay, jsut popping on here wuick, but I am sure I am some kind of weirdo paper!! LOL... :) Gld you are posting again... :)

Anonymous said...

I'm 7 Gypsies Too...:)

Ohhh La...La....


Debbie said...

Looks like I am 7 Gypsies too!

My work