Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More Connor stuff and a RAK coming soon!!

Today Connor told me for the very first time about his dream: "Mommy, I dreamed that I got some bubble gum". So my baby now can remember dreams and tell me about them. I get more out of my toddler about his school day than I do out of my teenager. When I picked him up from pre-school he was eager to tell me what he learned that day: "We mixed muffins and baked them and ate them, then we learned about bones inside our body". Then this morning after he told me about his dream, he remember that he learned about the brain that is inside his head yesterday at school. It's so awesome watching my little man bloom. Yesterday on the way to pre-school, he had his 10th anniversary Toy Story DVD box in his lap looking at it. He was tracing the 10 with his fingers. He looked up and said, "Hey mom, this is a 'One' and this is 'zero'. I couldn't believe he knew that!! He said all this while his pacifier was in his mouth!!! LOL!! Yeah, I know. I'm not ready to let my baby go yet. So suck on, Connor, suck on! Ha ha!

We had a crop at the house this past Friday. I'd like to Welcome newcomer Colleen to our group!! She is my neighbor. All this time there was another maniac scrapper living just feet away and I didn't even know it! She's already settled into our group as one of us!
While at the crop Kara told me something that Connor did a couple crops ago that I didn't know about. Kara had brought her daughter, Emily, to the crop. Well, Em was bored and was talking up a storm and wouldn't shut up. Finally, Connor had enough (he doesn't like alot of talking. Just ask my mother in law), whips out his little sherriff badge, slams it on the table in front of Em, and says, "See that. That means BE QUIET!!" Kara and Emily nearly fell over! LOL!! As I was saying about Connor not liking alot of talking, when Connor was really little, before he could even talk, I was taking my mother in law, Shirley, to the doctor, which is an hour trip one way. If any of you know Shirley, she is a non-stop talker. She talked all the way up there and all the way back, only pausing to breathe. Anyway, poor little tortured baby in his car seat had enough. I looked back there and he had his hands up to his ears trying to block out the noise. LOL!! He is too much! HA HA!

Get ready for a RAK and a challenge. I'm going to make up some page kits. You can sign up to win the page kit RAK. Then from these page kits, we'll have a contest from your creations. You can email me your creation. When I get everyone's creation, I'll post them on my blog and we'll vote on a winner. The prize will be an awesome Heidi Swapp album set. Sound fun?

I will get pictures of the kits up soon. Probably by the weekend. I've got some deadlines I'm working on for the 15th so won't get to them until then.


Anonymous said...

Hey... I want to play along... But I have NO idea what a RAK is!!


Liz Ness said...

Too cute -- kids are so honest (and funny)!

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