Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New RAK and challenge almost done!!

I promise you, I'm really not teasing. Connor came downstairs with me last night and helped me put together like 7 page kits for the upcoming challenge. He was such a good little man last night helping me. He acted so mature in his little superman cape pajamas. I should've got a photo of him. He is a pure delight. Anyway, I still need to add more embellshment stuff to the kits and then photo them and post them on the old blog for you guys to pick which ones you want.

I've got to finish the title and journaling on a layout that's due today for pubbing. I'm making myself submit at least one thing per month for pub as part of my New Year's Resolution. Speaking of resolutions, how are your coming along? I have already abandoned the $20/week spending thing. I'd have to sit out the next 6 months to catch up!! LOL! Not really but I'm sure it's bad. Actually, I've lost track. And the 5 Christmas cards a month thing hasn't happened yet. I hope to get those done at our next crop.

Hope everyone is having a blessed week so far. I think there's still time to sign up for this contest:
Come play with me over there!



Liz Ness said...

Can't wait to see what you've cooked up! Also, best wishes on your submission -- that's the way to do it!

Rene said...

I liked reading about your resolutions! The $20/week spending made me laugh... having to sit out the next 6 months to catch up.. probably a good idea to abandon that one! And I'm inspired by your "5 Christmas Cards per month" idea. What a way to go. I may try to catch up on that one with you!!!

Made me think about my own resolutions for the year. Would you believe I've already forgotten them??? hmmmm... OK, I remember that one was to do well with my studies. I went back to college in January.. And I can happily report that even though I had forgotten about that resolution, I've been sticking to it! Of course, one could always study more... But I have to say, returning to school at an older age does a LOT for your concentration and understanding. =) Got that going for me!

xo - can't wait to see your kits!

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