Sunday, February 18, 2007

Photo shoot yesterday and a tag from Liz!

Hi loved ones!

I took some photos of my two boys, Ryan and Connor yesterday. I really love my new lens. I'm not that good yet, but practice makes perfect!!

Liz tagged me for this: List five quirky things about yourself on your blog and then chose two more CKMB friends to post quirky things about themselves on their blog. Some of you already know this, but here goes:
1. I am PETRIFIED of those big hairy flying roaches that grow to epidemic proportions in Texas and Florida. So glad to leave those demon spawns behind in Texas.
2. I do not wear deodorant. Never have. Never will. Me and Matthew McConoughay (sp?) would make a great pair.
3. My ears don't make ear wax. Yup. Quirky.
4. I only have to shave my legs once or twice a week. My mom and sister don't even have to shave their legs, so I got the raw end of the deal here. Something about being Asian and not having much body hair might have something to do with it. Hee hee.
5. I sing goofy, silly songs to my kids all the time. Each boy has their own special song I've made up just for them and they are equally silly, well, Ryan calls them embarrassing. Connor doesn't know any better yet.
I'm off to the CKMB to tag 2 friends.
Here are some photos from yesterday of Connor and Ryan. I had Connor sitting on a stool for the photo shoot, but he wanted to lay on the velvet because, "It's so soft Mommy" so he crawled under the stool and I snapped this photo. LOL! Naughty toddler never wants to cooperate! XOXOX


Jude said...

What great photos you got Theresa!! I think that is too funny that Connor got under the stool! Ok,your list... anything like Matthew Mc. is a good thing! :) I am one or twice a week shaver too... I waxed recently and it was a month before you could see a single hair!! :) These were all so fun to read! We love you... quirks and all! :)

Anonymous said...

Images look great... I can't remember my password or I would log in...:( Every time I go to a different blog seems like my info. is different...

Hey.. Why haven't you joined in at 101 yet?


Liz Ness said...

What great answers to the tag! Another friend always says how much she learns about me from these -- she's right. I enjoyed reading your answers and learning more about you!

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