Friday, February 23, 2007

New Avatar

I've been fooling around with different filters of pics Deb took of me today. These filters are so cool. Should I change my avatar to this?


Debbie said...

YES! YES! YES! Awesome picture of you even though I took it. lol

Kara said...

I like the shot but think the filter is way too harsh... All your facial detail is lost here... I would love to see it treated with a more subtle filter..:)

You are a beauty..:)

Rene said...

I agree with Kara. This is an AMAZING shot. However, I would rather see the details of your features - you're so beautiful!!!

Liz Ness said...

You are so pretty and photogenic! (Very lucky!) And, awesome photo, Debbie!

Theresa Tyree said...

You guys crack me up! If I wanted y'all to see all my wrinkles and freckles and zits, then I would've left the detail and you'd be calling me ugly instead of pretty! LOL!!!

Kara said...

Ahhh... You can fix the wrinkles and zits and leave the detail my sweet....:))
Send me the shot... Let me see what I can do... If you want..:)
Detail or no detail, oyu are stunning...:)


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