Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Good news/Bad news

Wow! What a week this has been. I'm disappointed not to be a finalist in the Making Memories contest, but after seeing all the incredible entries to the contest, I can see how tough the competition was! I mostly feel left out of not being able to play with the other finalists. I love contests and challenges. It's ok. I'll just be more driven now to find my own style, which I think is still emerging with each new layout I create.
On an up note, 2 years of waiting has come to an end for my oldest son, Josh. He has been facing charges for something stupid that he did 2 years ago. Serious charges that I will not go into detail here. Thanks to everyone's prayers, the final outcome of the charges today are 3 years probation with charges being dropped after those three years of probation with a clean record. So it's been a rather eventful week so far and it's only Wednesday!! I'm looking forward to spending time with my oldest baby and getting some hopefully great photos of my three boys together before Josh goes back to Texas.
Thanks for everyone's prayers!!


Debbie said...

I can say truthfully that you are so talented and creative even though you didn't make the MM Idol. And I am so glad of the outcome for Josh and that its not hanging over his head anymore. Your prayers have definitely been answered! Love ya!

Andrea said...

Hi Theresa...i've been watching your slide show and your work is just amazing!!! Have a great night!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you didn't make the cut at MM.. You are talented and your talents WILL be recognized... And hey, I think you already have your own style...:)
I wasn't aware of any issues with Josh, so I can't say I have been praying.. I am glad it all came out ok... Just another evidence that God IS INVOLVED, On a daily basis..:)


Jude said...

Sorry about the MM contest... don't lose heart, it will happen, you are so talented! I am glad to hear that all was resolved okay for your DS... have fun taking pictures of those boys! :)

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