Thursday, October 25, 2007

A spooky story from Connor and RAK results!

The other night when Eric got home, Connor was so excited to see him and proceeded to tell him a spooky story in the spirit of Halloween. The story went like this...

"There was a man who knocked on the door. I went to answer the door and the man was standing there with a box in his hand. And in that box, there was a head!!"

Connor looked around the room and at the ground and reached his arms up to his daddy and wanted to be picked up. He squeezed his eyes shut and clung to his daddy. Eric asked him, "What's wrong, buddy?" Connor says, "I kinda scared myself with my story!" It was so funny how he scared even himself with his spooky story!!! ROFL!
Here's Connor's spooky look!

What name will he draw out of his trusty sombrero???

And the winner is...

Debbie! I think this is the first time Connor has ever picked her name!

On a serious, but also scary note, my mother in law, Shirley, is having a bunch of tests run to see what is causing her pain in her abdomen. Please say a prayer for her today.
Congrats, Deb!!


Anonymous said...

OH MY such drama... he is such a hoot!!!! i can't wait til' Savahn starts talking. LOL

love Leyana

Kelly said...

YEAH Debbie!

How cute of Connor, oh my goodness you have to journal that scary story!

I will say a prayer for your MIL.

Anonymous said...

Too cute and congratulations Deb!

CarlaJ said...

how funny!!!

C70 said...

your Connor is too cute for words! :)

congrats, Deb!

will be praying for your MIL.

joybear said...

Oh poor Connor!!! That is just too cute/funny!!! Love it!!!
Congrats Deb!!!

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