Wednesday, October 31, 2007

House stuff!! A RAK!! What's going in the cumulative RAK box??

Up until now, you couldn't really tell much of anything was going on with the house. The electricity went up and the plumbing went in. I'm so glad Eric put radiant floor heating in the basement. Now when I scrap, my toes will stay toasty!
Yesterday, the flatwork was done on the basement floor and garage. You can really see the house coming together now the the floors are poured.

Me, Connor, Ryan and my mother-in-law put our hands in the wet cement in the garage. My mother-in-law cracks me up. I called her and told her I was picking her up and taking her to the house so she could leave her mark in the garage. In the meantime, Norma Jean called and invited her out to lunch. She told Norma she was waiting on me to get her for the handprint thing. Then she says, "I guess Theresa thinks I'm gonna die is why she wants my handprints". You have to know her. She cracks us all up. She is one of the funniest people I know and the funny thing is, she doesn't try to be funny. She just is. She's funny in a kooky kind of way.
It occurred to me that I haven't thrown anything in the Cumulative RAK box for the month of October. If you don't know about the Cumulative RAK box, every month I'll throw a prize into this big box. In December, in honor of Christmas, I will have Connor draw someone's name out of his sombrero (if all the names will fit!) to win the whole loot! How it works is, for every comment you place on my blog, you will get a ticket to go in the drawing. The more you visit, the more chances you'll have to win. It's not too late to play so don't be shy about visiting often and posting!! So for the month of October, the cutest wood stamps and ribbon set below will go in the box!!
And in celebration of Halloween, I will RAK the Halloween looking font acrylic stamps below by Sunday. Just leave a message on what your weekend plans are in the comments section and Connor will draw a name from the comments to win these stamps!!
Happy trick-or-treating!

The house is coming along!


Kelly said...

You will all be so happy you left your handprints!!

Our weekend plans consist of...Saturday we will be celebrating our 17 anniv. Not sure what we will be doing yet, maybe a candle lite dinner. Sunday, we'll head to church and then Sunday night back to church for a money management class.


CarlaJ said...

Awesome stamp sets. I love the handprints.

CarlaJ said...

Oops, I forgot the second part. We will be going to visit the inlaws.

sollie said...

What a wonderful idea to leave your hand prints in the garage floor. Happy Halloween!!
Love, Isolde

Debbie said...

Well I am going to Colleen's mother in law's house for a big Halloween Bash! Those are the cutest stamps.

Amy Birch said...

I love seeing your house coming along, Tree. I love how you put in the hand and foot prints...such a special touch!

This weekend we'll go to a couple of soccer games and to Samantha's end of the season party for soccer.

Love those stamps!!!


Inge said...

Love the stamps! I'm taking my boyfriend out shopping :-) And i'm going to do some scrapping.

Have a nice weekend!

Cheryl Wray said...

WOW!!! That is so some great stuff! Those stamps would be great on some Halloween pages I want to do (so..pick me, pick me! LOL)

The house is looking great!! I know yall are beyond excited!!

Jude said...

I love the handprints, and is your scrap space going to be down there? It looks like a good spot! :)

Dettao said...

ooooo, love those stamps. One of my employees is getting married on Saturday and I am invited to the reception. I'm hoping to clean and organize my scraproom on Sunday.

C70 said...

I love the idea of leaving your hand prints somewhere around the house! LOL, your MIL sounds funny, alright! :)

Oh wow, those RAK goodies look yummy!!! Love the stamp!! Hmmm... this weekend, I intend to scrap and maybe visit my mom! :)

Hope all is well and hope you had a great halloween!! :)

Anonymous said...


so cool.. where's Eric's prints? he should have put " This home was built with love...Eric "


Anonymous said...

Going to my cousins on Saturday for a BonFire party... And Sunday, we start putting up the Christmas stuff...:) You know me!!!


Anonymous said...

That is such a cool idea to leave your prints.

I have a 3:00 soccer game tomorrow and that is it. The rest of the weekend I plan on hiding in my scrap room and playing. yippie!


~Cheryl said...

LOVE the handprints!!!! That would make an awesome LO. :)

Love the Halloween stamps! Going to have to check out Mike's and see what I can see. ;)

~Cheryl said...

Ack- forgot the weekend plans.

Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zero. :)

Mom wants to go to Bingo Saturday night- but I NEVER win, so we'll see. *L*

Other than that and a shopping trip tonight (gotta see what Halloween stuff I can find on clearance- plus I want to run to Toys R Us and get the Cars game that's on sale) and working on Christmas gifts this weekend I got nothing. :) Hopefully lots of rest and sleep!!!

joybear said...

Love the prints!! And so now I know what Martha's stuff looks like...LOVE that ribbon.

Jozzie said...

That is your house?!?!?! WOWWEEEE!!! I have to come and visit! Love the idea of a heated floor! Great job!

PS: The stamps I used on my Thanksgiving cards are from Stampin' UP! :)


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