Saturday, October 13, 2007

RAK winners!! My assignment #5...

I'm done with the Bad Girls contest. This was my last entry. I was cut along with 30 other girls. It's down to only 10 girls now. I feel really blessed to have made it this far!

Assignment #5:

Lets see what else you can come up with! Your assignment is to create a LO that displays unity and harmony. Please be sure to include a short paragraph on how your LO shows unity.

Here is my write up:

I’ve been wanting to scrap these photos of my son playing basketball, but didn’t think the blurry pictures were scrapworthy. I was heartbroken as all the photos were blurry due to my poor photography skills, but I wanted to capture the memory. To solve this, I printed the not-so-great photos on transparency and backed them with notebook paper, to play along with a “school” sports theme. The transparency kind of lessens the blurriness and I think they now look somewhat better.
To unify this layout, I chose to use color, shape, movement, line and balance.
Color- I created orange circles to create unity with the orange basketballs in the photos. The patterned paper I used to create the circles has lines running through it just as a basketball does. I used black for the title, which ties to the black in my son’s jersey. The white cardstock base was chosen to create unity also with my son’s jersey.
Shape- I chose circular rings again to create unity with the circular basketballs.
Rhythm- multiple circular shapes over and over again.
Movement- I made the circles in graduated sizes going from small on the outer edges to large in the middle where I wanted to draw focus to my photos. To simulate a ball bouncing and also the movement of dribbling, I placed little dots alternately on the circles. Also, please note where I strategically placed an arrow pointing up near the word, “Up”.
Line- I bisected the layout diagonally and created symmetry and balance between the upper half and lower halves of the layout.

So here are the stamp RAK winners, courtesy of Connor and his trusty little sombrero:

RAK #1- Chris!!
RAK #2- Joy and Sollie

Email me your addy's and I'll get them out to ya!!! Congrats!!


Dettao said...

I love that layout! Your description of it before I actually saw the layout made me think there was too much thinking going on! LOL I think it turned out great.

Kelly said...

Congrats Chris, Joy and Sollie!

I think your layout is terrific Theresa!

C70 said...

Thanks so much, Theresa and Connor! Thanks, Kelly!

I really love the techniques you used on that page!

Will email you my addy =) (grinning from ear to ear)

sollie said...

Yiippeeeeee!!!! I won. I can't believe this.
Theresa, I forgot your e-mail so this is mine

If you mail me, I'll send you my addy.
Enjoy the weekend, Isolde

Anonymous said...

Beautiful beautiful! I am inpsired.

Stephanie aka Gardengirl from SGK

missy j said...

Very nice.

Cheryl Wray said...

That is such a COOL layout!!!!!

joybear said...

Oh man so sorry you didn't make it to the next round...LOVE the LO.. you rock!!!
So excited to see I won the RAK..thank you and please give Connor a hug and a big thanks for drawing my name!!!

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