Friday, July 06, 2007

Stay- the most wonderful word in a friend's vocabulary

I love having my friends stop and say hi here. So, in honor of our friendships and to celebrate my second anniversary of becoming an obsessed scrapper I am going to start and amazing RAK that will conclude in December- just in time for Christmas!! Each month I will add to this special RAK box. This month I will be adding to the box my most favorite, inspiring magazine. This magazine will definitely get you thinking outside the box! You'll love it!
Next month, I will add an amazing portfolio containing my favorite pencils- Prisma colors. I will post a picture of this prize some time next month. I have ideas of other things I'd like to add to the box and one of the ideas I have has to do with another hobby I love- jewelry making. Some time between now and December, I will make a piece of jewelry to place into the box- either a bracelet or earrings. I will use Swarovski Crystals and other pretties. I'm also thinking of throwing in some hand made cards and a set of Stampin Up! stamps.
Would you like to know how to win this RAK? It's easy. Here are the details...
As I said, I love having friends visit me here. All you have to do to win the prize is be the most frequent poster on my blog. I will tally up your comments at the end of the year and whoever visits the most must obviously mean they love me the most (hee hee) so to show my appreciation, I will send that person a nice Christmas present. If there are ties, I will either place names into a drawing for Connor to pick out or I will send the finalists a questionnaire to fill out and whoever scores the highest points will win.
I made a resolution at the beginning of the year to RAK something each month so this is in keeping with my resolution. Now, if I could just keep my resolution of only spending $20 a week I would make my hubby so happy. Oh well. LOL!
On another note, I can't contain my excitement! I just ordered my plane tickets to CHA- Chicago this morning. I can not tell you how excited I am to attend and hopefully meet Wilna!! It's incredible how God works! I was standing at my kitchen sink a couple months ago and a still soft voice (God's voice) came out of nowhere and told me, "You're going to meet Wilna in real life". I thought, how can this be when Wilna lives all the way in Canada? Don't question God's power. He has given me the incredible opportunity to meet someone whom I love so dearly and inspires me daily. You can find Wilna's blog by clicking on the sidebar on her My He{art} blog. And if that weren't good enough, it gets even better! I'm going with my adopted mom, Connor's Grandma- Norma Jean! I'm so stinkin' excited I can't stand myself!!
Now I hope that God whispers in my ear that I'll get to meet Liz too and hopefully all my other Heart friends.


noell said...

Oh, Liz, what a sweetheart you are!

BTW, I would love to meet Wilna and the rest of out gang myself! Wouldn't that be awesome if we could all meet up somewhere?

forestsister said...

wow - CHA, Wilna.... it's all wonderful!!! funny how things work out in the most wonderful ways :)

Wilna said...

now you really made my eyes leak!
I LUV you girl!!!

Debbie said...

I wish I was going with you! :( But have to stay in town for new grandbaby that would probably decided to arrived while I was up there.

Dettao said...

How exciting for you, Theresa. It would be very cool if we could all meet someday.

Liz Ness said...

I would SOOOOOO love to meet you, too! You are such a great friend and have shown me so much support, encouragement, and love. It's an honor to know you "virtually" and it would be a blessing to meet the physical you!

I'm so jazzed that you and Wilna get to meet, too. That's so awesome! Have fun you twoo!

PS: Now you and Noell have me thinking. Wonder if we could pull off a "union" with the circle gang somewhere...not a "re" union yet, since it'd be our first time face to face. Hmmm....might have to think about that some. It would be SOOOO cool!

Take care you and thanks for the RAK chance!

momoferika said...

Oy my goodness are one of the most kind hearted ladies I know. God is GOOD!

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, you are just so sweet! That RAK will be awesome!
and I'm SO jealous that you're going to CHA!! I know you will have such a blast, and you will have to share your pics and stories with all of us!
We're off to the beach in the morning, so I may not be popping into blogs much this next week. But wanted to say hey before I left!

momoferika said...

Hey girlie, I checked out Wilna and Liz's blogs too. They seem like very very nice ladies. I'm so excited for you to meet Wilna. You will have so much fun, please do come back and share the details with us.

~Cheryl said...

*sigh* CHA. How jealous am I!? *L* Have a great time with Wilna and meeting all the other gals that you know online! :)

Enjoy and I expect pictures and a full review when you get back! ;)

Jude said...

I am so happy for you that you get to go to CHA!! Take lots of pictures of the cool new stuff for us! And meetingour cyberpals is the BESt!! I hope you have an AWESOME trip! :)

Amy Birch said...

Wow, Theresa! How incredibly generous of you!!!

Wow, you know Wilna?!!! And get to meet her?!!! How awesome is that?! You know Liz Ness, too?!! Her work is gorgeous...I've seen it in the CK gallery...I'm a big fan!

I got to meet Karen Burniston at CKC Manchester a couple of months ago. She rocks! I'm friends with Wendy Malichio (she lives one town over)...she's very successful!

You have an AWESOME time at CHA! Take lots of pictures and post them please! :)

Jocelyn said...

I'll be at CHA too! Can't wait to mee you!!!!!!!

Jocelyn said...

I've never seen that magazine, but it looks neat! I can't wait to get a copy!

C70 said...

this is such a cool RAK idea!!! thanks so much for doing this, Theresa!!

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