Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Challenge #1 Entry

Challenge: OLD SCHOOL!
Challenge Details:
I am challenging you to create a LO using some of your stash! Go through and look for your oldest papers, embellishments, ribbons, alphas and such! Get rid of those old supplies that are just sitting around! Make room for new stuff! (I know some of us purge a lot so dont worry if your oldest stuff is only a few months old, just use it!) In addition to using your stash I would like you to scrap a picture that is from the year you started scrapping! For instance I started in 2004 so my pic would be from that year. If you are unsure the exact year you started, get as close as you can get! The subject of the pic and LO does not matter! Just to challenge you even more (insert evil laugh, hehe) I am also challenging you to try and remember one of the first techniques you used in your earliest LO's and use it on this LO!!! Take a look through your first album if you cant remember!
To recap you are doing 3 things for this challenge:
1. Using old supplies (a mixture of papers, embellishments and alphas. New items can be used but please keep them to a minimum).
My take: I used old paper from Paper Adventures and another that was so old there was no name or barcode strip anywhere. I also used stickers, which I don't use anymore. I didn't start scrapping until 2005 but I made cards and collected all kinds of scrapbook related items (paper, cardstock, stickers, etc.) for about 10 years prior.
2. Scrapping a picture from in or around the year you began scrapping.
My take: A picture of Connor in 2005
3. Using one of the first techniques you tried.
My take: This layout spans techniques from when I was a card maker (scallop shaped scissors) until when I started in 2005 (sewing, inking edges, computer journaling)

Thanks for looking!


Dettao said...

Adorable! I like that you made a merry go round to surround the pictures. Good luck on your contest.

momoferika said...

I had so much fun doing this particular challenge didn't you? I think your layout turned out wonderful.

Amy Birch said...

Awesome, awesome, Theresa! Your layout hardly looked old school, it was so good!!!

I can't wait to see your challenge for this week!

Debbie said...

Well know that one was a hard one for me. At least the second one came much quicker and easier for me.

Debbie said...

I hope you didn't change anything on the #2 challenge. I love it!

Jocelyn said...

Looks like FUN!

momoferika said...

Debbie what is your message board name so I can find you and admire your work too? Thanks!

Theresa, I sure hope you don't mind me asking Debbie a question on your blog :0)

Kelly <><

Theresa Tyree said...

Of course I don't mind you talking to each other here! Hee hee!

Debbie is Debmac52 or something like that on TSS.

Amy Birch said...

You did a wonderful job on the Week 2 challenges!!! I love the rocker layout! :) Isn't that Junkitz line the coolest?!

momoferika said...

I'm totally needing that line of papers you used on the Rocker layout. Gosh, that would be PERFECT for layouts of Erika and her guitar (right now she's playing Amazing really can't 'rock out' on that song LOL). I'm going to check out Debbie's work.

Debbie said...

Thanks for thinking of me, Kelly!

noell said...

I love it when I feel inspired to use old products! Your layout is super cute!!!

Jude said...

I AM trying to use my stash, honest! If these companies would just stop making new products I would be doing better!!!

~Cheryl said...

Wow! Great job using up those old items! :) Love the LO!

Liz Ness said...

Ooo--Love it Theresa!

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