Tuesday, April 10, 2007

RAKs are rolling in!!

I've heard back from several of you that you've already received your RAKs. I have one going to Belgium so we'll wait until Sollie gets hers, then I'll set a date.
Cheryl, I need to get it in gear and get yours out to you. I haven't made it up yet, so forgive me. I think everyone else's is out. I sent one to Canada on the same day I sent the one to Belgium, so that's where we stand.

And guess what?? Kelly, momoferika, is DONE already! You guys better step up to the plate cuz Kelly's stuff is SO CUTE!! Way to go, Kelly, for being on the ball!

Remember, when you're done, email me your layout and card. I won't post until I have them all in hand.

Have fun, friends!

This weekend, I am so excited! I'll be working CKC-St. Louis on Friday and attending on Saturday to shop and have fun. This is part of my birthday celebration. Thanks for wishing me HB, Liz!



Kara said...

Wow... Looks like a great turnout..:) I have had mine done for over a week already...:)
Just don't know how to get it scanned in... SO I need to get over to your house sometime!..
Can't wait to see them all...
Thanks again Theresa for being so generous with your supplies...!

Anonymous said...

=) AND, looks like you're having a RAK blast! AWESOME!

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