Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cards, cards! What I did w/ my Mike's stamps and another RAK!

I feel so blessed to have such great friends! Here are some cards I received for my birthday. I love my friends so much!

This one is from Debbie.





Here is what I did with my Mike's stamps. I bought these little cards

This is the little box filled with cards I embellished. I just cut a circle out, stamped it, adhered it to the cover with a pop dot, then used another dollar stamp inside. If you would like to win this little note card set, leave me a comment telling me the funniest thing your child or a child you know has ever said. Whoever makes me laugh the hardest will win the little set of cards!


Anonymous said...

Hello Theresa! Love your blog and the cute note cards:) I am a preschool teacher and I spend my day with 16 four and five year olds. The other day I was drinking a bottle of diet mt.dew, after taking a drink I stumbled a little and one of my little boys said "what are you drunk!" I said excuse me? what do you know about being drunk? He replied "I know what caffeine can do to someone your age!" My age is a whole other issue:) Thanks for the game, it was fun:)

Anonymous said...

One day, my 3 year old son was laughing really hard and when he was asked what was so funny he sais "I kicked Dad in the garbage sack!" Out of the mouth of children! lol Beautiful cards! Thanks for the inspiration. Niki

Theresa Tyree said...

Here's one left on the CKMB.
Your cards are great...i didnt know what you meant about leaving a comment but here are two things my son (Zakiah 4yrs) has said lately that are sure to crack you up as well.....

Grandma: "hurry up and get out of your carseat its pouring out here and im gonna drown"
Zakiah: "oh grandma, just hold your breath!"

Me: "Zakiah, me and uncle Parry are going to go to the boat (casino) for a little while, okay?"
Zakiah: "is it a real boat"
Me: "yeah but we dont go any where, its just where big people go to play cards and things."
Zakiah: Okay, but don't fall in the water!

gotta love that kid

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you ! I love the cards. Many great ideas.

Liz Ness said...

WOW! Those are all stunning! Really awesome work (and you're just so nice to RAK all of the time)!

Lisa (Gigglangel) said...

:waving: Hi Theresa!! I'm here. So you want a funny huh? Mind you my kids are older but to this day I still remember one little tidbit one of my twin girls (who will be 25 in Sept) said when she was 4.
I was talking to a firefighter of my then husband about having more children. He said that him and his wife were happy to finally be having another child (she was preggo), I said that someday I wanted to have another child (I had twins remember and at this point in time they were 4), Shelli pipes up and says to me "Well then mommy why do you take those little white pills every night?" NEVER ever let your children see what medication you are taking!! UUGGHH

momoferika (kelly) said...

Here are a few, I had them wrote down.

Erika was 3 years old and just started getting into Barbi dolls. She came and told me to "fix Barbi's boobies because they were on backwards". All we had to do was turn Barbi's head around LOL.

You know the show Cops that's on TV. My daughter (Erika again) loved that show and knew the song very well. We went to a store and she saw a police officer and starts singing the song and pointing at him "bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do"..she was only 4 LOL.

Here's one from Erin, my then 4 year old: She was home sick, when her older sister came home, Erin told her to say away because she might get the 'fever' LOL.

To make it fair, one more from Erin. Erin was 4 years old. We were talking about a man at church and she goes "he's the one with the hole in his hair" (he was bald) LOL.


Theresa Tyree said...

OMG!! These are ALL so funny! I'm going to see what I can do to send each of you a little something in the mail. I'm going to Mike's tomorrow to get more of those cards. I didn't even notice I have one of those misspelled words' "Litte" instead of "Little"! I guess nobody else noticed it too, LOL! I'll fix it up and send it as well as more to you guys for tickling my funny bone! Ha ha!

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