Wednesday, April 04, 2007


So what are your plans for Easter? We'll be going to church and then find somewhere to eat afterwards. There will be an egg hunt at church for the kiddies after church. Then for evening service, every year we do a Passover service. We observe the Passover and do rituals just as the Jewish people do. It is truly one of the most beautiful, symbolic things I've ever experienced. I've never been part of a church that practices this unique observation. It is so cool.

As Cheryl Wray said on her blog, I think it is the most important Holiday, the Holiest of Holidays, for a Christian. We are celebrating Christ's resurrection and the Hope that He brings to the World!

With that I'll leave you with a little Easter poem:

In this restless world of struggle
It is very hard to find
Answers to the questions
That come daily to our mind
We cannot see the future
What's beyond is still unknown
For the secret of God's kingdom
Still belongs to him alone
But He granted us salvation
When His Son was crucified
For life became immortal
Because our Saviour died
And to know life is unending
And God's love is endless, too
Makes each daily task we face
Much easier to do
For our Saviour's Resurrection
Was God's way of telling men
That in Christ we are eternal
And in Him we live again. Helen Steiner Rice


Dettao said...

Lovely poem, Theresa. I will be going to 7:30 am Mass with my girls and then to my Mom's for lunch and an egg hunt for my grandson and my two little nieces. All of our other kids are much too grown up. Have a blessed day with your family.

Kara said...

I wasn't aware the your church celebrated passover... That's pretty neat... I don't remember them doing that when we went there..:( I know we went on at least 1 Easter...

momoferika said...

That poem is great, I'm going to make note of that for a layout.

We are going to church. We are still trying to decide if we want to go to the sunrise service. We normally attend the 10:30 service each Sunday. After church, we'll head home and get dinner ready. Our girls are older, so they won't do a hunt...we have baskets for them. I still need to get them ready. They will open those up after church.

Easter blessings,
Kelly <><

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