Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Spent the night at the hospital with mom last night. Had to come home this morning to get some "real" sleep. Slept until 12:30. Now I have a mongo headache. Mom's doing really good. She called and said they might let her go home on Friday. I'm leaving tomorrow to drive back home to Missouri. Haven't told mom yet. I hope she doesn't flip. I'm so ready to get back home. There's nothing more I can do for her. It's now a healing process. When she's well enough, I'll send for her. Friday is the rehearsal for Mark and Donna's wedding and I really need to get back together with the 2 other musicians who are doing the music for the wedding to practice. We've only gotten together once.
Caca and I are going to eat lunch and head back to the hospital. But first, can I vent? It costs $43 for a 5 day pass to park at the hospital. Can you spell, "RIP OFF"! It's bad enough that your loved one is in the hospital, but then they have to stick it to you while you're down with the parking??? Unreal!
Oh, another vent. This has got to be the WORST hospital stay ever!! These stupid nurses rely too much on family members to do their job. First of all, "Hello?, I'm not a nurse! You help her, with all her umpteen wires hooked up to her, to the bathroom!! Ok, we called you for bathroom help an hour ago! How long do you think this poor woman can hold it?? If you don't get in here soon, then you'll have a mess to clean up."!! Then this morning I called the nurse's station for an extra gown and a walker b/c mom wanted to walk. After waiting about 30 minutes, I went out on my own and got the stuff myself. When I walked by the nurse's station, their in there looking at a bunch of pictures someone brought in from home and laughing and carrying on, etc. I was like, "this is why we didn't get our stuff we asked for. they're too busy joking and smoking over here and not taking care of their responsibilities".
I'm going to eat now, I'm hungry. I've been on the phone with 3 different people since I started this email. I hate talking on the phone. Ha ha.


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