Saturday, May 02, 2009

My WONDERFUL husband bought me...

a new (to me!) Yamaha studio piano today for Mother's Day!!! He knows how much music is a part of my being, so he got me the piano today and we pick it up next weekend. Here is the touching part. When his mom died, she left him a bit of money left over after paying for the funeral expenses from her life insurance. So what does Eric decide to do with the money that his mom left him? He buys a piano for ME! God love him. I really don't deserve him. He is so good to me. His mom would be so pleased to know that the money went to the purchase of a piano because she loved music so much as well. I will use this piano to teach her grandson how to play.

OMGosh! I can not believe that I've posted like 3 times within the last few days! I guess I am just now feeling whole again and able to share.

I have two more weeks to go of school. My last final is on May 15th. I will be receiving my Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Missouri in December (fingers crossed!). I hope I can pass my classes in order to complete my degree. So far I'm making all As and Bs. I'm a worry wart. I have to worry though so I can make sure I do well on my exams, kwim?

Thanks for letting me share. I will be posting a pic of the piano real soon!!




Anonymous said...

AWESOME! I have a Yamaha baby grand and LOVE it... I had no idea you played, too -- how cool!


Christine said...

Hi Tree!! what a wonderful gift indeed :) glad to see you posting again. i've been busy myself and haven't had the chance to check out tons of blogs and message boards :(

The Sterks said...

It is so good to see you on here!!! Wow, Eric is such a sweetheart; what a wonderful gift! I am sorry to hear about both of your MILs. I pray Connor and all of the family are doing alright through it all. Miss you much and a Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

Margie H said...

It so good to see you post often...I missed reading your blog! What a sweet gift and a great legacy for your boys :0)

Good luck with your exams on the 15th!!! You're doing a great job!! xoxoxo

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