Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Did everyone have a wonderful Mother's Day??

I had such a great day! I actually won a prize at church for being the youngest Grandma!! LOL!!

After church we all went to lunch. I ended up crying so hard on and off all day because I missed Shirley so much. I also missed Ryan's Grandma, Ruth Ann, who passed away unexpectedly exactly a week after Shirley. So those two things together left me so sad amd with a splitting headache!! Has your head hurt so bad that you felt like throwing up? Well that was me yesterday. We went to see Star Trek yesterday evening (I know, I'm a nerd) and it was FANTASTIC!!!! You should go see it! Even as sick as I was, I still enjoyed the movie.

But on a brighter note, I want to share the most recent picture of Emmy and her mom Rachel. I've only got to see Emmy in pictures because she's in Texas and I'm stuck here in Misery, umm, I meant Missouri. I can't wait to hold her for the first time!

As I said, Eric bought me a piano for Mother's Day. He also got me another hummingbird feeder for our front porch as well as some hanging baskets of flowers. I don't know where the camera card is to my Nikon, so as soon as I find it, I promise some pics of it.

ALSO, Eric bought me a piece of furniture to use as a scrap desk in my scrap room, so this motivated me to clean up what the tornado left behind in there! Hee hee....

While doing so, I came across some stuff that would make GREAT RAK prizes!!

SO stay tuned for:

1. Picture of my new piano

2. RAKS!!!!!!




Katie Renz said...

I want to go see Star Trek too. It looks good. I hope your headache is gone and um... did I miss something. I didn't realize you were a Grandma! Congrats to you.

Liz Ness said...

Love Star Trek and am glad you made it! Also, HUGS, and a little note to let you know how much I care...

Christine said...

happy mommy day to you, Tree!

oh i loved Star Trek! i'm glad i went to see it :)

joybear said...

Love seeing your updated blog! OK, so congrats on the win..I didn't know you were a cool!!! And a girl on top of that!!!

Margie H said...

Hey, Tree!
I finally got a chance to visit your blog..happy belated mom's day! Hope you're doing well :0) Better into more stuff than I should but all is good! What a cutie btw! xoxo

Jude said...

has it been so long that i didn;t even know you were a grandma!?!?! ACK!!!!! Congrats, and no one would ever think you were a nana!!!!!!!! :)

DebW said...

Hey you! It's time to update your blog! You're almost as delinquent as Amy!

Miss you guys! Hope all is well!!

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