Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back from Texas!

Gosh, I shoulda posted this a month ago. It has been sitting in my drafts since May 29!!
I can't believe my baby graduated Kindergarten this year. Here he is on the last day of Kindergarten with his bff, Michael.

We went to Texas for a really quick trip over the Memorial weekend.

I finally got to hold my baby for the first time.

Here is a photo of Emmy and her mama, Rachel.

Connor loves his baby niece

My sister's baby, Savahn, is finally getting some hair and man, is she ADORABLE or what in her little Mexican dress?! Tee hee!

As promised, here is a pic of my new piano. I've always loved music, as you can see of this photo of me with my little toy piano at age 2.

Here I am many, many, many years later. Lots of things have changed in my life but my love for music will always remain the same.

About the RAK, anyone who posts on this thread will get a small token of my appreciation of our friendship. I love making cards, so you will get a little card kit put together by me!!


Christine said...

wow, Tree! it's so nice to see a post from you! :)

Congrats to Connor!

Your niece is so adorable!!

Love that photo of you at age 2!

Margie H said...

Hey, girl!
Good to see you post!! My little (?) guys both had their graduation this year! Look at big! Great pictures of family...sounds like you had a GREAT time in TX! Miss you!!!!!!

Jude said...

i cannot beleive he graduated kindergarten!!!!!! And th baby is so cute!:) Glad you finally got to see her!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Connor is getting soooo big (he's so cute -- just like your other boys, too). Plus, love the photos of you with your piano. I'm a piano girl, too. Something about those keys!

Katie Renz said...

Hey Tree... love seeing all the pics and reading the updates.

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