Monday, May 05, 2008


Debbie's gonna KILL me, but I had to start off this post on a funny note and show you a pic of Debbie sliding down the slide at the City Museum. They had Drew's 4th birthday party there and as you can see, it was fun for kids as well as the adults. Isn't the look on Debbie's face, priceless? LOL! Poor little Logan looks like, "What the heck is my grandma thinking??" ROFL! Poor thing looks petrified. HA ha ha ha!

Well, I owed everyone pics of the house and so I'm paying off big time now. Tee hee!

Here is the outside:

As you can see, the column bases are poured, but they still need to be covered in rock and the tops built.

Connor and Odie/Scruffy (ha ha) Poor dog has so many nicknames, I don't think he'll ever learn his name. Lately I've been calling him "munch", a hybrid of "mutt" and "crunch". All he wants to do is scrounge up food. He's constantly on the sniff for something to eat. Ha ha.

We still have to put up these outside fixtures, which will flank each side of the front door.

This is the view as you enter in from the garage into the mudroom. Under that window, there will be a bill paying/mail sorting station complete with desk and computer. Hopefully, this little area will keep the paper clutter at bay. The doorway is where the half bath is located. We wanted to have a bathroom easily accessible for washing hands or using the bathroom without having to come through the house.

This is the view from the living room hallway as you're going towards the garage. The wall is painted "Tradewinds"- a Sherwin Williams color. I've always wanted a blue laundry room, cuz blue is the color of water and water is what you use to wash clothes. Ha ha. I'm a dork.

This is the view of the washer/dryer closet and to the left of that is the basement stairwell.

Here is a closeup view of the basement stairs which leads to my nirvana (my scrappy space- soon to come!!)

You've just left the mudroom and to the left is the master bedroom. The walls are "Kilium Beige" and the coffered part is called "Rain". I thought a beige and blue bedroom would be soothing and relaxing. I color matched the bedding I bought from Macy's (see pic below).

Here's a close up of the coffered ceiling in the master bedroom. Eric thought it'd be neat to paint the coffered part blue instead of an accent wall in blue, which really brings out the drama of the ceiling height and makes the coffered part really pop.

Here is the bedding I chose for our bedroom (taken off of Macy's website). I wanted something light, clean, airy and relaxing. I'm done with big floral prints. Yuck.

Here is a close up of the ceiling fan in our master b/r. There's one just like it in the living room too.

Here's the master bath. We painted the bathtub cove in Rain as well as the water closet (toilet room). The rest is painted Kilium beige. What I love best about this is the separate tub from the shower, the his and hers closets (yay! I can close the door to my slobbiness and Eric never has to see it!) and also the private toilet (hooray for private pooping!! LOL!) You can't see it, but opposite of the bathtub wall will be a vanity area with two separate sinks.

We're doing bronze fixtures throughout the house except for the hall bath, which I'll explain later. Here are the bathroom faucets. I ordered the tub and kitchen faucets off Ebay yesterday, so they're not here yet.

Leaving the master, turn left and you're in the great room, which is one big open room housing the living room, kitchen and dining area. The great room is painted in a Sherwin Williams color called, "Nomadic Desert". To really emphasize the fireplace, we painted it a deep chocolate brown, which the name escapes me right now. For some reason the photos aren't representative of the actual colors in real life. I don't think I like this pocket camera that Eric bought me for Christmas. It's a Canon Powershot SD800 IS. I prefer my Nikon D70. There is no comparison in the quality between the two cameras. But the Nikon is a beast to pack around.
Yes, that's me with a bandana on my head and I'm also sporting the infamous camoflauge jacket. Eric cringes everytime he sees me in his jacket. He thinks it's so hoosierish. I think it's heavenly comfortable and soft.

We've been trying to lay the hardwood floors all weekend. We chose a natural birch flooring for it's beautiful variations in the grain and its light color. Aso you can see, Eric had alot of "help" from the two baby boys.

Here are some of the fixtures for this room. This will go over the dining table:

This one will go in the kitchen. We still have to find the right pendant lights to go over the kitchen island.

On the opposite side of the house from the master are two bedrooms and a hall bath. We wanted to have the master bedroom split from the other bedrooms. Here is Eric and Connor in Connor's bedroom. We chose to do his room in that Chestertown Buff color that we originally had painted the greatroom but was too dark. In Connor's room it'll be perfect. We're doing his in a wilderness theme with golds, reds, browns and forest green. The bedding is at Target if you want to see it.

Here is your bedroom if you come to stay with us. We decided that we'll put the bedding that we have for our bed now in this room.

This is one of the bedding sets that we had in our old house that will go in the spare bedroom.

Here is the hall bath painted in Lime Granita- also a SW color. Since this bathroom doesn't have a window, I wanted to do something bright and cheery. The towels came from Target but I just came from their website and couldn't find it. It'll have brushed nickel fixtures in here, which goes better with what I'm trying to do in here.

Here is the light fixture going in the hallway.

Last but not least, here is a peek at our kitchen cabinets. They're from Kraftmaid. We wanted to do a darker wood, so it's cherry with an autumn blush finish. We also wanted clean, simple lines, so we chose a craftsman type style and we'll do bronze knobs.

Now I know why I haven't posted this until now. It took me a solid 2, yes, TWO hours to put this post together with all the photos and journaling and all! I haven't had that kind of time in ages! Luckily, today is my day off, Eric took the day off from work to keep the house project going, the dog AND Connor are both asleep. It's very peaceful now, but I really should've cleaned my house instead of hack on here! LOL!

If' you're still here, thanks for sticking with me until the end. Thanks for letting me share. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about the house project so far. As you can see, alot of thought went into this- from the planning of the layout, the choices of materials and furnishings/colors, etc. to the budget considerations. We've been truly blessed.
Leave a comment and I'll pick some winners for some blog candy. I have stuff I've been meaning to RAK since Valentines so if you get some heart stuff in your rak, you'll know why!

Tee hee!


Jude said...

Wow Theresa, it is so beautiful! I didn;t realize Eric was doing so much of the work!! I have my bathroom painted that same green color! :) I can;t wait to see it all done and filled up! Thanks for sharing... :)

Kristi's News said...

I'm so jealous! It is so beautiful! I know you guys can't wait to get into your new home.


RobinV said...

Wow Theresa your house looks amazing. You have such wonderful taste in paint and fixtures, can't wait to see it furnished. Also can't wait to see your scrappy room. How much longer do you have?

CarlaJ said...

love all the house pictures! They are great!....thanks for the update. I can't wait to see who gets the goodies!

joybear said...

I enjoyed all the photos and reading it!! 2 was worth it..LOL. So beautiful!! Love seeing "the boys" and you too. I had some plaid pants that always made DH cringe...they were comfy.

~Cheryl said...

WOW!! It's looking GREAT! (And how fun to see my room when I come to visit! ;) *ROFL*)

Enjoy the new house- and it looks like I should have bought stock in Lowe's before you guys started, huh? :)

Have a great night!!!

PS- got the note about updating my blog... I'm getting there. *L*

Christine said...

WOW Tree!! Your house looks beautiful and very classy! (I'm loving my room already!! LOL!!!)

Thanks for taking the time to share - posting all those photos can be such a pain! Can't wait to see photos of your 'playroom!'


Precious Scraps by Beverly said...

I absolutely love your home. The colors are beautiful. I love all the angles in the house. And my bedroom looks like it is coming around. I like the old linen set you will be putting in there. LOL Can't wait to visit and try it out. I think you could be an interior designer. This is amazing. Thanks for the tour.

sollie said...

OMG, your house looks so beautiful. I'm sure you'll love it there.
Love, Isolde

Margie H said...

I'm coming over!!!! Love my room - btw!
Seriously, you all have done a wonderful job and the labor of love to put it together is SO WORTH IT!!!
So excited for ya!

Cheryl Wray said...

The house is looking GORGEOUS!!! I know you guys are getting so excited about it!

That first photo is so funny. (Yeah, I bet Debbie loves you for that!)

have a great weekend and a great Mom's Day!

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

Holy's gorgeous! I love everything. The colors you picked truly are soothing. Thanks for sharing all the photos with us. I am so envious of your cabinets. KraftMaid has an amazing cabinet with 8 shallow drawers. Did you see it? I am so getting that built for my craft room!

Dettao said...

It looks wonderful. You are so lucky to be able to put all this together. I envy you. The colors are great. I read every word! happy Mother's day

Katie said...

Wow, thanks for sharing your time. I loved enjoyed peeking in and viewing things from your eyes. It will be so cool when its all done and you have a brand spankin new house!

missy j said...

Looks good girl! Love your colors and your home looks fabulous.
P.S. You don't need to put me in the drawing. Just wanted to say hey.

Adela said...

T- your taste is classy! I'm jealous of all that room and the brand new feel of everything. How blessed you are. Anyway, I just stopped by to say "hi" to my new friend. BTW, how can you possibly have time for a RAK with all this going on? Take care...Adela

Mary said...

Wow! Having such a beautiful home may make living in Podunkville, Mis-ery, worth it! LOL

I love all of the colors you've picked out and I think the fixtures are beautiful.

Iliana said...

Lovely!! I like your kitchen decoration!!

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