Thursday, May 15, 2008

A I Lament and update

Again, I'm a bad blogger! I know, I know! I don't post and on top of that, I haven't been visiting your blogs lately. We're so busy, I can't even see straight. Two months in a row, I missed submitting for the GSS at Papertrey Ink stamps. I don't have my Piggy Tales project done. And I have yet to make one single RAK to send out on the PTI forum!! UUUURRRRGGGGHHH! Oh yeah, throw in the blog candy I promised and I get the Blog Slackard of the year award!

Ok. Those of you who know me well, know I love to sing. Since I'm too old to enter the American Idol contest, I live my dream vicariously through every year through the AI contestants. Well, I've missed so many shows already because we've had to do one thing or another with the house, but I still try to watch when I can. This week it was down to 3 contestants: David Archuelta, David Cook and Syesha Mercado. The show elimination show comes on at 8 p.m. So I get all hunkered down and settled in waiting patiently for the 8 'o clock hour to roll around. At 7 pm, I get a call from Eric saying he had to rip up the ceramic tile in the bathroom due to a poor tile job by a friend, asking me to run 50 miles round trip to the next town over to Lowe's to get more tile. AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Ok, I'll go if you tell me how to work the $*@#($ VCR to get it to tape at 8:00. Being the technologically challenged person that I am, of course, I couldn't figure out how to tape a show on the VCR and almost reduced to tears. DH volunteers to leave the job and come to the apt. to set it up. I told him not to worry about it, that he had too many more important things to worry about than to tape AI, and that I'd find out through the grapevine how got booted off. So...I said all that to give you a glimpse of what it's like to build your own house. We've had too many of these little snafu's happen along the way that I didn't want to bore you with. But, anyway, I can't wait until this is all behind us and I can have my life back again. It'll be worth it all in the end. I know that.

So who are you rooting for? To tell you the truth, I'm very, very pleased with the outcome and will be happy if either of the David's win. There's no way I could pick one over the other. They are so phenomenally talented and I know each will do well in the future.

I'm going to try to get a pic out of the blog candy I have to give out, as well as pics of the kitchen set into place. Yesterday, the granite company came to make a template of our countertops. Hopefully, the granite countertops will go in next week or the week after. Yipee!! We still have the septic system to install, which it's been so rainy lately, the contractor hasn't been able to get to it! Also, the driveways need concrete as well as the basement walk-out. Those rocks in the driveway are real ankle twisters!!

So to recap- congrats to the two Davids on AI, pictures of the kitchen coming soon, and blog candy coming soon too!!



joybear said...

(((HUGS)))Hope things settle down and maybe..hopefully...someone who reads your blog has AI recorded and can get a copy to you.

Kristi's News said...

Sorry things are going so rough right now. I know the feeling. We are trying to get ready for a HUGE yard sale next weekend and then moving the next week. OH WHAT FUN!!!

Hope everything settles down soon.

Miss ya and love ya!!

inara said...

I love to sing too!!!

Christine said...

{{{HUGS}}} Tree! So sorry about your woes! Gerard and I are hoping to start building a house sometime this year and I just pray that things will go well.

I haven't been following AI myself as I've been quite busy with school - hopefully, you can get a taped copy of the show... or maybe someone has it over at youtube ;)

Anonymous said...

I guess you know Syesha got booted..She sure did sing Alicia Keys well...



CarlaJ said...

one of these days, all of this will be just a fond memory LOL


RobinV said...

Hope things start to smooth out for you.

Take care

Cheryl Wray said...

I do NOT like David A. I DO love David C. LOL

Jude said...

Aw, I have been in tears over such things before too!! I admit it, I want David Cook to win! I liek the rocker sounds much more I guess... LOL. :) Can't wait to see your new kitchen!!

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