Monday, May 19, 2008

Evolution of a home

First of all, as a Mom, I've learned to pick my battles. This one was not worth waging. Connor decided he wanted to dude it up for Mother's day and thought he needed to wear his cowboy boots AND pirate eye patch to church on Mother's day in order to look his best. Also being a mother of grown sons, I knew, this too, would pass. So, I said ok. Thankfully, Dad put a stop to it, but I thought it was so cute and had to snap a pic of it. Boys. LOL!

Remember, you can click on each photo for a better look!!

I thought it was so cute how everyone wants to pile on Grammy because they love her so much. Grammy just loves to be piled on by her boys. The dog really loves her too.

I love to take pictures of sleeping babies, so when I saw Odie and Connor all sprawled out, I couldn't resist. I love Odie's little freckled belly. His belly kinda matches the pillow cases. Ha ha! So cute! Right now, as you can see in the photo, Connor is fascinated with guns- all sizes and shapes of them. He even brings them to bed. He wants to be a soldier, and I said "NO", so to appease me, he says he wants to be a soldier "doctor" and help soldiers who are injured. He just says that to please me, but I know he really just wants to join the army so he can carry around guns. BOYS! Ha ha!

Now on to the house:

Here are the latest pics of the house. Alot of the interior doors are up now, as you can see in this photo. Here is a view walking in from the garage into the mudroom. Behind the bifold doors will be the washer and dryer.

The powder room still lacks the pocket door. Connor's Papa Roger hates pocket doors, so I guess he's saving it for last. He's been helping Eric with the inside work. You can see the desk now sitting under the window. This will be our mail/bill paying/ record keeping/homework station. Connor can do his homework here while I'm cooking dinner since this room is adjacent to the living/kitchen area. He can be away from the action so he can concentrate on what he's doing while still being close enough to me to ask for help. The desk top will be left over granite from the kitchen granite slabs.

The kitchen is in full swing now. All that awaits is the stove, micro/venthood and granite countertops. Here is a sample of the granite. It's called Venetian Gold. We picked it because tt has cranberry flecks in it which will pick up the cabinet color.

As I said before, we wanted to do a little of the craftsman look inside, so we chose a dark cabinet in cherry with an autumn blush finish. We're waiting for the stove and micro/venthood. The cabinets still need to have glass ordered for them. I wanted to have a couple open glass front cabinets to break things up a bit and make it more airy looking. I'll try to take a photo later of the details of the cabinets. Alot of thought went into our choices and I'd love to share our thought process with you!

Here is the view standing in front of the island. To add contrast, we chose to do the island in a different darker finish called Peppercorn. It's almost black. It's the same color we chose for the desk in the mudroom.

My walk in pantry now has a door! Yipee!! Yes, those are dishes in the cabinets. I was running out of room in the apartment, so I loaded up the cabinets with new dishes I bought at Pier 1.

This is the view from the dining area.

Here is the view as you walk in the front door.

Eric has been working on the master bath. Here is the marble shower panels glued and braced up. We're going with bronze fixtures throughout except the hall bath.

Today the exterior of the house will change. We hired a guy to set the rock in place. Here's the before. Tomorrow I'll post the after.

Oh yeah, the view looks nice from here. LOL! And the best part is- he's all mine! LOLOLOL!!

Finally, to leave you on a sweet note, here is Connor's pre-K school picture. I'm so in love with this face!


CarlaJ said...

Great pictures! Thanks for the updates.

Kristi's News said...

It is looking great. I think Eric should have let Connor wear that to church. You ought to see some of the outfits Paige comes up wiht. And Jeff takes her around town like she is dressed perfect. He probably tells people that is how I dressed her. LOL!!

Thanks for sharing the updates.

Love ya.

Katie said...

Hey Tree,

Love all the pictures. It looks like you spent another marathon session blogging :) Your house is really coming together. That kitchen looks fabulous - SO jealous. I'm hoping that we can do our addition within the next year (big sigh)

Thanks for sharing :) PS. I just got my PTI order - yummy.

RobinV said...

I love that picture of Connor & Odie sleeping. My cat sleeps like that at it always brings a smile to my face. Your house is amazing. I am so in love with the Kitchen and walk in Pantry.

You and your hubby do beautiful work.


Margie H said...

WOW! Great looking house..become more like a home! Just so excited for you!!!!

Love the pictures of the "little guy!" They're so cute at that age...until they get big & smelly! LOL!!

Thanks for sharing!!

Jude said...

That is the fridge I have been wanting, you will have to let me know how you like it!

Christine said...

Connor looks so cute!! love his pirate/cowboy costume! ;)

thanks for sharing updates on your lovely home!

sollie said...

Your house looks amazing. I would love it there.
Love, Isolde

The Sterks said...

It's all so beautiful, Tree! I can't imagine how thrilled you must be that it's all come together so well and is so much closer to being finished.

Connor seems to be growing so rapidly from this end. His Mother's Day outfit was too cute for words. Miss you tons and pray for continuous blessings for you and all of your wonderful family.


p.s. I FINALLY updated :)

Anonymous said...

He's growing up so fast! What a little handsome man! Also, yay! Your house is really coming along (beautiful and almost done)!!!

PS: Love the pile up and other sleeping photos -- the dog is too much!

joybear said...

The house is looking awesome!!! Connor and Odie are super cute, they make me smile!!!!! Love him in the boots and eye perfect!!! And the tree of them very precious!!! LOL at the view...I bet he just loves that shot.

susy said...

Your house is looking lovely, lucky you. I had to laugh at your 'boy' photos, I can so relate to them with four of my own and the dog in on top of things too, they become so much a part of the family.

Lacintha said...

Oohh T..the house looks gorgeous!!!
I love the's one of my faves.We chose Black Galaxy granite for our place, and kitchen cupboard are an Antique ivory with a dark island as well :)...

Debbie Olson said...

Your house is lovely! I think the pirate patch and boots are great too! ;-D

Becky Heisler said...

OMG the house is looking AMAZING! I bet you can't wait until it's done! We are remodeling the kitchen and I am sooooo done with it already!! LOL

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