Saturday, September 29, 2007

Assignment #3 at Bad Girls

Well, I made the honor roll at Bad Girls so I get to go on to the next round!
Here was the assignment:
Create a layout with an emphasis on one of the design elements. It can be any element that you choose. It has to work for you, so I made it your choice. When you post your layout, please tell us which element you decided to emphasize and why!!! The “why” is a very important part of this assignment so please don’t forget!

The seven elements of design we could choose from were:

1. Line-linear marks created when two edges meet.
2. Shape-a self contained defined area of geometric form
3 Direction-
All lines have direction-Horizontal, Vertical or Oblique
a). Horizontal-creates stability
b). Vertical-balance and formality
c). Oblique-suggests movement and action
4. Size-is simply the relationship of the area occupied by one shape to that of another.
5. Texture-(as you might already know)-surface quality of a shape or tactile
6. Color-(already know this too)-also called a Hue
7. Value-The lightness or darkness of a color-or tone

For assignment #3, I would like to emphasize the design element of direction. This layout is about how God has blessed us with this little seed of a baby, and through our nurturing, we have the privilege of watching him blossom and grow. So I chose to cut out by hand, two oblique shaped wavy strips of patterned paper. The oblique shape suggests movement and action. Growing requires movement and action. One of the waves is this fun bubbly circle patterned paper, which further suggests movement. The other wave is a solid navy blue, to ground the title word “grow” and make it pop. To further emphasize the oblique shape, the word "Grow" also grows in size with each letter. The solid color also represents the stable home environment we are providing our baby so that he can “grow” to be a strong, healthy man some day. I have also cut out a tall, vertical flower to give the layout balance, to draw the eye to the photo and also to reinforce my “bloom & grow” theme. I also loved using the brackets to showcase my journaling as they also have a somewhat oblique shape to them and they also bridge the gap between the top portion of my title to the bottom portion of my title, thus drawing the eye from top to bottom and back up again. I didn’t use many embellishments here because I didn’t think the layout needed them. I wanted to make a bold statement with direction and hope I accomplished this!

Please click on the layout for a better look.
I have been learning so much about design from these assignments! I never knew my brain went through this thought process while I was creating layouts!! Next assignment is all about the white space!! Yikes!! I can't leave the white space alone, so it will be a real challenge for me!!

Don't forget to leave a comment in the post below if you want your name in my tiny little stamp and brad RAK!


Dettao said...

Great page and did you get a headache from all that thinking?! LOL

Can't wait to see your white space one. I love white space.

Anonymous said...

Honor Roll... That's awesome!! You eill go all the way girl..

Embrace your white space!! You know I love it... We have GOT to get together and scrap!!!


Kelly said...

Your layout is terrific. I may have to scraplift that LOL! I'm trying hard to 'think outside the box'. Maybe if I use others' inspiration it may help me.

missy j said...

WOW! Good luck to you! That is an awesome site!
I'm rooting for you...Keep us posted.

Debbie said...

It is as usual just awesome. Oh and I know you can do the white space too! And I see you going all the way!

CarlaJ said...

yep, I can see where the white space will be a hard one for you. LOL Have a great day.

joybear said...

Awesome LO! Congrats on making the next round!!

C70 said...

i love your style, Theresa!

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