Thursday, August 30, 2007

What celeb do I look most alike?

Ok. So I look like an Asian man. I knew I shouldn't have cut my hair!! LOL!!


Lacintha said...

Oh I think you're adorable!!!...Hmmmnn, so are those guys come to think of it...hee-hee...Looking foward to getting to know you better T!
Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Cheryl Wray said...

I've done this one before and it really is kinda scary who they come up as your matches!!!!
We had a hair-cutting incident at our house ysterday. Sydney cut ALL of hers off!! Yikes!!!!

Amy Birch said...

I think that your haircut is very cute, Theresa!!!

Part of me wants to try the celeb look alike thing, but part of me doesn't want to know, LOL!!!

The Sterks said...

Hilarious!!! Don't worry, you're beautiful to me!

Jude said...

I got Howard Dean one time, so it could be worse!! LOL...

momoferika said...

Here's what came up on mine and I have no idea who most of these are LOL.

Portia Derossi 90%
Kristanna Luken 86%
Kelly Hu 86%
Martine McCutcheon 80%
Ornella Muti 80%
Vanessa Marcil 78%
Petra Nemcova 78%
Marcia Cross 78%
Kimberly Williams 78%
Adriana Karembeu 76%


momoferika said...

Oh and your haircut is adorable...just adorable. I cut mine, let it grow, cut it and grow it out all the time. I really like it!

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