Saturday, May 19, 2007

Connor can officially write his name!!!!!!!

Connor and Grandmama are really hitting it off!! This is important considering when he wasn't even one year old he was already telling my mom, "go away" and shaking his little finger at her! It was so stinkin' cute, yet mean an honery. Mom would just crack up. He just for some reason did not like my mom. On this visit, the day before I was to pick her up from the airport, he was jumping up and down on the bed with excitement chanting, "I love Grandmama!". So when she got here, he was shy. My mom played it cool and didn't want to force herself on him. Then he started getting closer and closer and inching his way to her. Now, they're the best of buddies!!

As some of you know, last summer while we were in Texas and mom was down for her yearly visit from the Philippines, she had a massive heart attack the day after we arrived. So our visit was spent mainly in the ICU unit of Methodist Hospital in Houston while mom clung precariously to life. It was a harrowing experience. Anyway, less than a year later, her chest scar has healed up nicely, she's lost 30 pounds (she looks totally different!) and moves a little slower, but she's still here! Thanks be to God and prayers!! I started this blog in July a year ago for the purpose of family and friends getting updates on my mom's condition after her heart attack. It transitioned into my daily life blog and also a showcase for my art.

Back to the reason of this post-
We were eating dinner with mom last night. Earlier in the evening, Mom asked him if he knew how to spell his name. I was eavesdropping and was surprised to know that he can spell it perfectly. A couple months ago, Eric taught him both our cell phone number and he knows them by heart, so the little stink pays attention to everything! Anyway, while we were sitting down to supper, Connor asked for a paper and pen. We asked him if he could write his name for Grandmama. He said, "yes, I can". And I'll be darned if he didn't. Not only did he spell and write his name correctly, he even tried to keep each letter in the box of the graph paper he was writing on!! (See below) I'm so proud of my little man!! I asked Mom if I could write my name at age 3, and she said no. I don't think my two older boys could write their names either at 3, so this is quite impressive to me!!

Anyway, thanks for letting me share my joy and pride!

I know some of you are watching the announcement of who wins the contests. I will post the results tomorrow- I promise! So far I've had around 30 people voting, which is incredible! Thanks to all who took the time and trouble to vote!!


momoferika said...

YEAH for Conner!! That's awesome. You little story made me smile about Conner warming up to her mom.

Debbie said...

WTG Connor! I am happy to hear he is finding out he loves his Grandmamma! I bet your Mom's grinnig from ear to ear with the shennigans she is seeing from Connor. lol

kimmy222 said...

isn't it amazing. I know how you feel, Becca is finishing her Kindergarten year this week, she can write, read, add and subtract! she can also tell time! it's amazing, she went in as a baby just knowing how to write her name, now she knows so much more. oh, and since she's going to a christian school, she can also say Psalms 23 all by herself.

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