Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Airhead moment!!

I knew this would happen. I felt like something was missing, and sure enough, not one but TWO beautiful creations were not posted!! UUUrrrrggggHHH!!!!!

So they get to be spotlighted here all by themselves. Ha ha! Sorry y'all!!

Now, please take a look at them and send your REVOTE to ttyree@fidnet.com!!

Please, please, please click on the layouts to get a better look at them, especially the layouts. If you click on them, you can get a blow up of it and see all the beautiful details!!

Card Entry #7

Layout Entry #9

Hanging with Hudson

Journaling reads:

It was your Daddy who decided to see what would happen if he put you in the swing with * uncle * Hudson. Who would’ve thought you two would be a perfect fit? We couldn’t stop laughing at how cute you boys looked. Plus, back to back we could really see the size difference 11 months makes. This close in age, Hudson will be more like your brother than Mommy’s. Already it is so much fun to watch you boys grow up. I can’t wait to see you really play together and to see what kind of trouble you are going to get into!


Liz Ness said...

WOW! They are all so beautiful. You don't have an easy job ahead of you! Great fun!

Cheryl Wray said...

They all look SO good!! I don't think I'd even vote for my own if I could!! LOL

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