Sunday, March 25, 2007

Prayer Works!! My sister is pregnant!! Woohoo!!

My sister finally got pregnant for the first time at the age of 37! We were worried that it wasn't going to ever happen for her and my brother in law, Jeremy. It's good to know that God is still in the prayer answering business!! I told her, she better have me a girl OR ELSE!! HA HA HA!! This is a picture of my sis and mom taken last summer when we went to visit Daddy's grave. It's hard to believe that Mom had a massive heart attack the day after this photo was taken. That was another prayer answered. Mom is just fine and better than ever. I'm glad she will be here to see her next grandchild.


Liz Ness said...

AWESOME NEWS! Please extend my congratulations to them (just think, Auntie Theresa! Heh-heh). Love that photo, too. And, you are right, your mom looked so just never know.

Kara said...

Congrats to you all.. What a wonderful and exciting time this must be for her...

Jocelyn said...

What is wrong with this picture?! LOL! I was trying to look at them and I had to go sideways! Just teasin' yah! You know I love you!!!

Congratulations to all of you!!!


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