Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Let me know!

If you're coming to the crop on Friday, and you want me to save you one of my RAK page kits for the contest, please leave a comment telling me so. I'm going to post the kits, along with the prize hopefully tomorrow! I'd like my online friends to play along as well, but need to know how many kits to for sure have ready.


Debbie said...

Ha Ha I beat everyone!!! See ya all Friday. I am so excited for you Theresa about getting published. I think you have me psyched to try harder and get more pages out and see what happens.

Kara said...

I will be there..:) I know the RAK stands for random act of kindness... But still not sure what I am getting myself into But count me in...:)

You got published????

Jude said...

I am going to be scrapping with some friends tonight (friday) too!! I think this must be the night of the crop, I know so mnay people who are going to one!! Have fun girlie!! :)

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