Friday, March 09, 2007

It's official. Connor has graduated to cursing...sigh

Connor's favorite show is called "Dirty Jobs" hosted by Mike Rowe. This show appears on the Discovery channel. Connor loves it SO much that he'd beg to watch it when it wasn't airing on tv, so we had to resort to taping for him so he could watch it whenever. The show is about the host, Mike Rowe, visiting different job locations to help people do the dirtiest jobs in America, e.g. cleaning septic tanks, making charcoal, insect exterminating, alligator farms just to name a few. As you can imagine, Mike finds himself in all sorts of disgusting situations. How does this fit in to my post, you ask? Well, the other day, Eric took the baby out to our property to fire off some firecrackers (fire pops, as Connor calls them). Before he could come home and tell me all about it, he fell asleep in the car on the way home. The next morning as we were driving home from dropping Ryan off school, Connor starts telling me all about setting off the fire pops. With the same excitement, I asked him if they were loud and scary. He said no, they weren't too loud, but one of the firepops, "scared the HELL out of me". Shocked and tickled at the same time (all moms have had this moment) and trying not to let Connor see me stifle back a laugh, I looked in the rear view mirror at him. He was sitting there with a coy little smile on his face, knowing what he had done, waiting for my reaction. I said, "Connor! You don't say words like that! Where'd you learn that word?" He replies, you guessed it- Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. Sooooo, add Dirty Jobs to the list of censored tv watching! I found out from Eric that while out on the firecracker excursion, he also let the word "damn" slip out too. I think he was trying to hit something with a stick or something and muttered, "I missed the damned thing". Ha ha ha. Well, it's really not funny.


Anonymous said...

Tree i doubt he got it from that show. I watch it too and he does not say those words if he does they bleep it out...He learned it from Ryan..

Liz Ness said...

Oh man, that is classic! I'm not sure what I'm going to do when Duncan starts trying these things out! Good job, though, you didn't let him see you laugh (another issue I will have...oh know)!

Kara said...

My kids do the same things... FUNNY!!!

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