Friday, December 29, 2006

First Annual Christmas Cookie and Recipe Swap!!

Here's some photos of our very first annual Christmas cookie/Recipe swap. We're off to a good start with 9 cookie recipes for our cookbook. Every year I will host this party so we can build a nice cookie cookbook as well as have a nice assortment of cookies for the holidays! This year we had Snickerdoodles, Oreo Bon Bons, Gooey Butter Cookies, Chocolate covered raisin oatmeal cookies, Chocolate Oatmeal no bake cookies, Neiman Marcus cookies, Chewy Chocolate Cookies, and Dani's famous pop and bake Pillsbury Gingerbread cookies complete with onion embellishment!! ROFLMBO!! This one is truly a collector's item! Ha ha ha!! Love you, Dani. My favorite photo is the picture of all the cookies next to the DIET Mountain Dew. Did you know that one Diet Mountain Dew cancels out all the calories in one dozen cookies?? Ha ha. Muuuaaaahhh!! Can't wait until next year girls! At next month's crop, I think we'd like to continue the recipe card thing with Soup Recipes. So dig out your favorite soup recipes and get to work!


Jude said...

Looks like a fun cookie exchange! I got to do one last year, where we actually baked the cookies was so much fun! Glad you guys had a good Christmas. We are all finally on the mend I would say...:)

Liz Ness said...

What a great idea! Plus, it looks like you had so much fun! Happy 2007 and cheers to a year of great times, yummy cookies (and soups), and blessings all around!

Cheryl Wray said...

How FUN is that? What a great idea, and all those yummy cookies!!

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