Saturday, December 16, 2006


OMG! I'm still shaking with excitement!! I won second place on the Piggy Tales contest. For the contest, we had to create an "All About Me" album using primarily Piggy Tales products. I chose the "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs" collection because it is done primarily in Purples, and purple is my favorite color. I think Piggy Tales is a fairly new paper line, so there aren't a whole lot of embellishments to go with it, so I had to create my own embellishments out of paper. You'll see stamped and hancut flowers, as well as hearts. (Thanks, Kelly Goree, for the string of hearts idea!!)

So I told a brief story about myself with chapters separated into decades, 1960's, 1970's and so on. I can't believe I was picked as a winner!! They must've only had 3 entries!! LOL! Anyway, I created a separate slide show above showcasing my album. Thanks for letting me share my excitement with y'all!!

The notification email from Trina at Piggy Tales appears below:

Hi Theresa,CONGRATULATIONS! You've been chosen as the 1st runner up for the PiggyTales Tell Your Tale Contest. Your $300 cash award and $75 Piggy Talesproduct will arrive soon! Thank you for your entry. Will you please letme know where you bought your Piggy Tales product. Also, we'd likepermission from you to showcase your entry on our website.Happy Holidays,Trina LinfordDirector of PromotionsPiggy Tales


Liz Ness said...

AWESOME! Woo hoo and a happy dance in your honor! This is so cool Theresa (and well deserved -- you are such an awesome scrapper)!

Anonymous said...

WHOLLY COW THERESA!!! What an absolutely gorgeous album/book! --- and story!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are such a beautiful person and do such beautiful scrappin' too!!!

Julianne (St. Louis)

Anonymous said...

You know I love this... I am so happy for you... Your determination has paid off in spades!!
What does Eric think??



Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting is that!!!!!!!!!!!

Corey said...

just stummbled onto your blog... You did an amazing job on your album. I can see why they picked you...though I think you should have won 1st place! You can definitely see how much work you put into it. It looks great. Congratulations!

Cheryl Wray said...

Theresa--That is SO awesome!!! You so deserve it. The slide show that shows the album is wonderful!!!!

Jude said...

Yeah for you Theresa!!! I loved the book. Can't wait to see whay you make with all your prize goodies!! :)

Anonymous said...

Theresa, Thank you for posting the information about Ben, 2 of my sons know him, and are/have been in school w/ him for years, I know his family through PTO and know his sister through the High School. This is a horrible situation for all of us in this area. We in the Union School District and as a member in this community appreciate all the prayers, and appreciate, any and all tips and info that can be given to our Sheriff's Dept. Donations and gift cards for the family are being accepted at the United Bank of Union, to help support the family during this.


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