Sunday, April 13, 2008

Meet Odie

To occupy my mind, I decided it was time for Connor to have a companion, so my search began for a Jack Russell terrier. Jack's are a good breed of dog for a little boy. They have lots of energy, are really smart and just plain cute. I searched all over the pounds and shelters in St. Louis but none of the dogs we met were a good fit for our family. Finally, after searching everywhere, I stopped by the local vet office and thumbed through a binder of puppies for sale, and that's where I found our beloved Odie. Connor loves the movie, "Garfield", so he wanted to name his pup after Garfield's dog, Odie. But lately Eric has been calling him "Scruffy" so that name is starting to stick and now we're all calling him Scruffy. I wanted a wire haired (or broken coat) version of this breed because I think they shed less, so imagine my surprise when we met Odie for the first time and he happened to have that wirey coat. He's been a joy to our family even though the potty training is a lot of work! So you'll be seeing some layouts in the future featuring our cutie pies!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...such a cutie!!!!! I know they will have tons of fun together. CONGRATS!!! Hugs, joybear

C70 said...

he is so cute!!! looks like Connor is really enjoying having Odie around :) congrats on the new addition!

~Cheryl said... what a cutie!! :) Hope you guys enjoy the new pup!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how cute! Clearly, it's love!

Lacintha said...

Oh, he is c-u-t-e!!!!!
and the doggies not half bad either :)

Katie said...

Connor and "Scruffy" are very cute together! congrats on your new addition :)


RobinV said...

awww how cute. Conner and scruffy look like the perfect match.


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