Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Uumm...Is it March??

Ok, being from Texas, snow in March is just freaking me out! What the??? I am really, really tired of winter and can't wait until spring and warmer weather. This weather has really put a damper on my secret shopping excursions! Tee hee....

I guess I'll have to buy Connor a snow suit for Easter this year!
Here is a photo taken about 30 minutes ago. The snow is really coming down today!!

What have you been working on? I've been working on some cards for a card swap.
Remember you can click on each image to get a closer look.

I thought you might be interested in seeing the progress of the house. This was taken on 2/7/08. The company I work for is now into spray foam insulation for houses, so naturally, I'm having them insulate our home. Not much has happened since then. We've been waiting on our drywaller to show up to drywall our house. Between the weather, the flu and whatever other excuses he has, he still hasn't shown up and I'm about ready to give the job to somebody else!

Eric, and his buddy, Mark finally completed the siding on our house! That's mark on the scaffold.


Kristi's News said...

Looks like it is coming along. Now it will seem like everything is going in slow motion. I know when mom and dad built their house it went so fast until the outside was done and then seemed like forever before the inside was done. Oh wait, the inside still isn't done..LOL!! Well just the basement.

Hope your enjoying the snow. We are getting ready to go out and drive around. Jeff and Paige played in it when he got home from work around 10am.

Cute cards by the way!

C70 said...

oh that's a pretty sight!! :)

those cards are really pretty, too!!

thanks for sharing photos of your house! looks like it's coming along nicely! TFS!

Cheryl Wray said...

The house is really coming along great. I know you are all SO excited!!!!

I can't believe that snow. It was gorgeous here the last couple of days (like 70 degrees!) and then today the cold weather decided to come back. March weather is crazy!!!

I'm not working on anything creative right now, but I need to get back into it. I gotta find a night to just scrap!

Margie H said...

Hey, there!
Just got my designer's package from TaDa so I'm off working on that.
Looks like the house is getting there minus drywall - GRRrrr! I say find backup just in case!
Miss ya tons, Miss T! Are you coming to CHA-Summer? I'm thinking about making those reservations again! Heehee!!!
Keep warm thoughts in mind and spring will come - PROMISE! Hang in there, GF! xoxoxo

NancyJones said...

oh im so jealous i would love to see some snow!!! we have sand lol

Lauren said...

WOW! You've been one busy lady. Love the cards. Here's to hoping that spring making a dashing entrance soon too - hehe.

Lacintha said...

love that pretty pic,and your gorgeous cards...and you have been TAGGED on my blog :)

missy j said...

The house is looking great!
The snow is crazy, and the snow suit is a great idea. You better wear swim suits under it though, because it could warm up at any time...

The Sterks said...

Love the photos of the house, can't wait to see everything finished. Wow, you had snow Tuesday and we were enjoying a beautiful spring-like day at Disneyland. It was so nice in comparison to all the cold weather we've had lately, including lots of snow days last month (a little unusual for Tehachapi). Don't worry, I'm positive we'll have more snow before spring really kicks in.

Love ya!

Dettao said...

Well darling, we had snow in Texas yesterday!

Carolyn King said...

Great cards...love the designs...great layout to make cute gift sets!

Congrts on your house!!! Looks great. Love the snow pics. We are in TX and miss the snow! (I am from PA!) Enjoy it even though I know it is getting old!

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