Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day RAK and Copic Marker discussion

I have been really interested in card making lately. I have been researching the web and educating myself in the application of Copic Markers as well as watercoloring and Prisma Pencils.

Here's a Valentine card I made using my Copic markers. There are alot of links to the right of my blog under resources concerning Copic markers. Copics are alchohol based inks. You can get them at HL. Once every 3 weeks, HL will put them on sale (All artist markers) for 30%. If you want to save more money, you can get them with a 40% coupon one at a time, which is time consuming, if you ask me. The markers are pricey- $6 each. But they are an investment. What I LOVE about Copics, besides their vibrant colors and blendability (using a blender pen and blending solution) is that they are refillable and the nibs (tips) can be replaced virtually making them the last marker you will ever need to purchase! I use the sketch marker (there are different ones- original, ciao, etc.) because it has a brush nib which is perfect for coloring in images. The markers are double ended. The sketch marker has a brush tip on one end and a chisel tip on the other end.

You have to use pigment inks to stamp your main image. Dye inks will bleed when used with Copics. I used Brilliance pads in black and dried it a little with my heat gun to speed things up. Make sure your image is dry before you start coloring.

To give dimension to the balloon, I used red flock. The important thing to remember when using flock is to color in your image first with your base color, in this case, red Copic ink, so that if there are any places that don't get covered with the flock, it'll be camoflauged with the red ink. (Yes, I learned that the hard way.) Then after the ink is dry, which is very quickly since it's alcohol based and evaporates quickly, apply glue ( I used 2 way glue with a chisel tip for broader coverage) and dust on the flock. Push the flock gently into the glue so it sticks. Knock off the excess flock into a coffee filter and funnel the excess back into your container.
This monkey couple is just my most favorite pair of love birds, or should I say, love monkeys? Hee hee....
Here is what a Copic marker looks like:

In celebration of my most favorite holiday of the year, I am giving away the most adorable of all time Stampin' Up Valentine set named, "Have a Heart". This set is retired and can no longer be purchased through SU!, so it is very collectible. I couldn't bear to part with my monkey stamp, so this will have to do.
Just leave me a comment telling me why and how bad you want this stamp set. (Bribes accepted! Ha ha!) If you already have this set, please let someone else have a chance to win it.
Also, please let me know if you have any questions about Copics and I will start a separate post to address any questions you may have.


CarlaJ said...

Theresa! I love the card. I am really intrigued by these markers. I must look into them at HL next time I go. What area do I need to look in to find them? I love the stamp set but I am going to let someone else "win" it since I have gotten some love in the mail from you. Gotta spread the love around you know. I just wanted to say the card is great!

Linda E said...

I would love to win the stamp set. I am new to stamping and have only a few basic sets such as flowers and letters. I would love to add a Valentine set to my collection. Thanks for showing all of your great work on your blog. It is very inspiring for us newbies!

RobinV said...

Love the card and those monkeys are just way to cute. Don't enter me in the drawing but wanted to say "Hi" and wish all the other ladies luck.

Have a Happy Valentines Day

Debbie said...

First Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! That card is so stinkin CUTE! And I would like to win that so pretty please with sugar on top and a cherry and chocolate fudge and nuts! pick me! LOL

Joz said...

Hi Theresa!

Don't count me in for the stamps. I have stamps coming out of my ying-yang. I just wanted to add that you can also stamp using Staz-On pads for when you're doing any watercoloring technique. Though I've used dye inks, and have had no smearing. SU! also sells watercolor paper and it gives you that watercolor paint look. KWIM?

Love the monkeys!


joybear said...

The markers sound cool..but way over my head!! Love the card you made..oh so cute!!!! And as far as needeing those stamps..well, I have this strange things for frogs...really I do so strange that I even made a pink one
http://www.acharmingplace.net/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=8185 so I NEED that frog!!?? and the rest of the animals are really cute too!

Anonymous said...

What a cute card... I know I haven't posted much here... I've been SOOO busy... But had to stop and say.. CUTE!!!!!!

I'd love the chance to win this... My reason..

I need inspiration!!!

I have got to get back to scrapping... I'm still taking pictures... Which, I know is the important part...:) But I miss scrapping... And hanging out with you!!!

Maybe some new stamps would push me to scrap... Sometimes something new will do that...:)

Plus... I have chocolate...:))))


C70 said...

OOOOOH!!!! What a fun V day RAK, T!!! I would happily accept them! Those stamps are just the cutest!! *wink, wink!!!*

I love the card! Great job on that! I've also been trying to get the hang of using Prismas, and am waiting for my mini set of Copics to arrive! Have fun experimenting!!

PS - I have not seen your LO for Dango's 2nd challenge! It is DUE very soon!!!! Happy V day to you!!

Kelsey said...

What a cute stamp set! I don't believe I have ever seen it. I would love to get this one because I don't have many Valentine's Day stamps at all. Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Theresa, please don't enter me in the drawing...BUT, I wanted to thank you for the recommendation. I've been wondering about pens lately -- specifically, pens that don't bleed and lay down ink well. Thanks for the tip!


Elizabeth said...

First time seeing this set. Would be perfect for me to own. One, MIL loves elephants…would be great for cards for her.

Best friend adores Frogs…..would be perfect for her cards

And my hubby and other cat nerd friends would love creations using the cat stamp. Need I say more??

Cheers! Elizabeth

inara said...

What a cute card! I love the bright colors!!! Those stamps are super cute, and would definitely be great to have in my collection!!!

Jude said...

Okay, when this first popped up0 on my bloglines I thought that marker was a pregnancy test!LOLOLOLOL>..

Precious Scraps by Beverly said...

I love the amount of information you provide in your blog. I have tried 1 copic marker (one PTI stamp labels) and loved the results. I haven't done a lot of hand coloring on my cards because I am not confident in the technique; thanks to you I think i will make more attempts. I am headed to HL to purchase a couple more copics. I love the stamp set and would love to use it to try my hand at adding color with copics!!! I would love to win them because I NEVER win anything, what a first they would be !!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable stamp set. I do like the monkey, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitty stamp. I haven't gotten into the Copics yet, but the coloring is beautiful.
God bless!
Ann C.

susy said...

You ladies are so cool with the giveaways you have, so glad I stumbled upon a blog that led to another blog(you get the idea) with such a group of inspirational and talented ladies. The stamps are so cute and could be very versatile.
And thanks for the flock tip too.

sollie said...

Hmm, why I would love to have this stamp set?? It's very easy!! I don't have any stamps like this because I'm a real starter at stamping.
Love your cute card.
xxx, Isolde

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

AWWWW I remember using this at a Stampin Up demonstration and loved it! Id love to win this if it is still available!

Anonymous said...

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