Monday, February 18, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

Hey y'all!

I've been so busy the past few days. Thursday night Eric took me out for Valentine's dinner. Friday night Ryan had a basketball game. Saturday afternoon Ryan had his last bb game but it was away and the whole day was spent on travelling there, watching it, and travelling back. Yesterday was church and directly afterwards, to St. Louis to check out kitchen cabinets and countertops. So far we have our fridge (a stainless steel french door model with ice and water thru the door), and a ss dishwasher. We still have to order our stove. We have in mind that we (I) want a 36" dual fuel (Gas burners and electric oven). We're trying to find the best deal. On a happy note, I think I doomed our washing machine. I told Eric that I wanted a new w/d set for the new set and he said no. So I said, "I hope our washing machine breaks down so I can get a new one". Do you know the power of our words? LOL! Sure enough, our 7 year old Maytag washing machine broke down and I now am the proud owner of a matching set of front loading washer and dryer by Frigidaire. LOL!!!

I will try my hardest to conclude the 2 RAKs that I have going.

I have to run Shirley to the doctor for her chemo treatment today.

Stay tuned!


Margie H said...

LOL!!! Be careful what you wish for is also appropriate in your case! LOL!!

Don't forget those front loads take about half the detergent! I love mine! Don't have to lug that huge Tide thingy so much...maybe twice or three times a year! LOL!

Enjoy those new applicances - they do make a difference!

RobinV said...

Enjoy all your new appliances. New homes are so much fun.

Love the new picture on your blog. Your boys are very handsome.


Jude said...

Whay did you do to that Washer?? LOL. let me know how you like the front loaders... I have heard good and bad, so i am curious! I can't wait to see the new house!

joybear said...

First off I LOVE your new blog header!!! Did they win their game!!?? Too funny about the washer..I can only imagine what he thought. (((HUGS))) to is she doing?

C70 said...

LOL!!! love that anecdote about the w/d set! sounds sooo exciting to be getting new appliances!!

inara said...

sounds like you're busy busy busy!

The Sterks said...

Lucky you, what fun getting new appliances! Hope you've been feeling well and that Shirley's treatment went wonderfully. We get our ultrasound on Thursday, so check for the results! Miss you, too!!!

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