Sunday, November 11, 2007

A month of celebrations!

Wow! This is a break the bank month for us!! First, Deb's birthday is on Nov. 8th. Happy Birthday, Deb!! You know I love you so much!

Then on Friday, Eric and I celebrated our 5th anniversary together. For this weeks challenge at, I created an acrylic mini album. It was really fun to do.

Then on Saturday, my oldest son, Joshua turned 20. I can not even believe I have a child in their 20's! I'm getting so old!!

Today is Roger and Norma's 40th wedding anniversary. Roger and Norma adopted Connor as their grandson before Connor was born. They didn't have any grandchildren of their own, and Eric never had a dad and my dad passed away when I was 5 month's pregnant with Connor, so it was meant to be.

Eric took me out on Saturday for our anniversary as he spent all of Friday evening working on the house, so I went to a banquet with the Women's Ministries of our church.

Speaking of house, can you believe this??
This is the view standing in our dining area looking out towards the front door. Connor is standing where the front door will be. Eric says the living area will have a 16 foot vault. Even though the living area is small, it'll will have a much larger feel due to the loftiness of the vault.

Isn't this not the hunkiest honey you've ever seen? Well, as long as I think so, that's what's important, right?? Hee hee!! Eric is such a perfectionist, that since the framers didn't do things "just right", he's spending his weekend tearing down the porches and redoing them himself. Anyone who remotely knows him, should not be surprised at this. It's amazing how two polar opposites can make a life with each other. It truly must be a God thing. Hee hee....!!

The inspiration for this mini album is the song, "I Believe in Us" by Amy Sky which you can view the video here.

Please click on each image for a larger view. Let me know if you have any questions on any of it.

Tomorrow, Shirley starts her first round of chemotherapy. Please say a prayer for all of us as begin the long journey to recovery.

On a final happy note, here are the boys playing in the leaves. After a few thousand dollars, doesn't Ryan's smile look great??


Anonymous said...

There is no way you are old enough to have a 20 year old son. Happy belated anniversary and the album came out beautiful. Can't believe how fast your house is going up. Looks like it should be done soon at this pace.

I will keep your mil in my Prayers.


Morgan said...

Wow, the house looks great! Love the album, the Hambly looks great in there!

Hang in, things will all work out!!

CarlaJ said...

Great Pictures!!! AWESOME ALBUM!

Debbie said...

I am totally amazed how fast things are going up on the house.
And tell Shirley she is still in my prayers. And last but not least I am so glad that you are in my life. Love you with all my heart, girlfriend! And the album is truly beautiful. Makes me want to do one so bad now.

C70 said...

happy anniversary to you and Eric, Theresa!! I love your beautiful album! you really did a great job with it!

your house is looking great! can't wait to see it when it's done!

will be praying for Shirley!

Liz Ness said...

WOW! Your house is going up so fast...that's great. Plus, I LOVE your mini! BEAUTIFUL!

joybear said...

Beautiful smile!!! Love your album!! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary and all the other celebrations were lots of fun too!

joybear said...

Looking at your album again..BEAUTIFUL!! Did you buy it or make it yourself..if so how..plastic? I have some clear (folder protectors) that I have been thinking of cutting up but wasn't sure if they would be strong enough.
I also forgot to add Shirley is still in my prayers. Hope all goes well! It will be a long hard road but she can do it!

Kelly said...

Your house is really coming along....Woo Hoo!!

Your album turned out great, I bet Eric loved it.

Ryan has a million dollar smile....both my girls better too once they get their braces totally off :0)


Cheryl Wray said...

Thta album is beautiful!!!!

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