Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

I took the boys to visit my Dad's grave. I was so glad the 5 of us were able to visit Dad together.

It was such a pretty, sunny day, that I decided to snap a few pics of the kids while we were there. It's such a beautiful, peaceful sanctuary. Ryan cracks me up with his big, cheesy smile, showing off his new teeth.

I don't blame Savahn for holding her hand to her forehead. I would too if I were surrounded by all those ornery boys!

Last but not least, of course I had to do a photo shoot of my sis and the baby. I don't have photosoop here, so what you see is what you get!!

So, did you hit any good black Friday sales? What'd ya get? I'm going back to Hobby Lobby with a coupon to get a pack of Basic Grey Mellow and Figgy Pudding.I went this morning since they have 50% off packaged paper thinking the BG packs would qualify for the sale only to be told, "no, these are considered 'kits', not paper packs", so I didn't get them cuz at the time, I didn't have a coupon, which is another story in itself. I went to print out a coupon and my sis's printer wasn't hooked up, so I thought I remembered her saying something about the print cartridge not working right. She was asleep so I didn't want to bother her. Chris came over so I asked if I could go by his house to print out the !@#%$ HL coupon, he said sure. So I went over there and his printer was out of ink. So I went to my aunt's to use her printer, and, you guessed it- no ink!! LOL! I'm like, doesn't anyone in Texas believe in refilling their printer ink cartridge?? So I went to HL w/o a coupon only to be frustrated. I came home and Leyanna was awake. I asked her about the printer, and she said all it needed was to be plugged in. So after all that, I know have FOUR !@#$% Hobby Lobby coupons, so away I go. Sorry to bore you with such a dumb story.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!


Kelly said...

Great Photo's Theresa!

I did a little shopping at Hobby Lobby and I brought with me 4 coupons hee hee hee (I couldn't help myself). I used one, gave each of the girls one to use and had one to spare LOL.

I was able to mark off a few things from the Christmas purchase list...but I have lots more to do. A friend and I will go out tomorrow, we start with lunch and shop until 10 or 11 PM. I hope I make a BIG dent in my buying.

Have a safe trip back!

Debbie said...

Oh the picture of your sis and the baby is so precious. It's good of the boys too!
Oh and I am so jealous about you getting that BG Mellow. hehehe

Boy do I miss you!

sollie said...

Lovely pics of the kids, Theresa. Hope you got some nice new papers at the hobby shop.

C70 said...

those are beautiful photos, Theresa! no black friday sales here, but I was able to enjoy some online sales :) Belated happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family.

No shopping here. I have not been out of the house since Thursday and let me tell you it has been nice living in my comfy clothes. I am hoping to scrap the rest of the day and night away so I can get some challenges done for the crop.

Have a safe trip

Cheryl Wray said...

Oh, those are such GREAT photos!!!!

joybear said...

Oh what a sweet photo of your sis and the new sweetie!!!! Love the one of your 3 boys together, too! I forgot to email you and tell you THANKS for the info on the acrylic album!!! I will have to try it soon.

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