Monday, January 15, 2007

New Connorisms

The title of the Santa hat photo and of the page I will scrap for it will be, "Dear Santa, Define Naughty". Doesn't that sound like a fitting title for this photo? By the way, this photo was taken with my new lens that I bought with my Piggy Tales winnings. I love how the background is blurred. I mean, you know there's Christmas tree back there, but it's not dominating the photo.

Well, where do I start? Connor had a Holiday program with his school last month. Much to our surprise, he gave an impromptu performance at the program singing, "Santa Claus is Coming To Town". Yup, he is his mother's son for sure. I think it helps him seeing me get up in front of people not to be bashful. Anyway, it was totally unplanned. He wanted to sing, so the director let him get up there and take over the mic. This little three-year-old got up in front of about 250 people and sang his song without a hitch. Eric and I looked at each other in disbelief and asked, "Is this OUR son?" It's so unbelievable, but I have the pictures to prove it.
On another "performing" note. I got up to sign language a song in church last month for Christmas. As he's done in the past, Connor went up on stage with me. He likes to hang out with me while I do my thing. Well, this time, it did not go as well. While up there signing away, Connor proceeds to try hiding under my dress. He even lifted my dress way over his head exposing things that should not be seen in church, all the while, cackling like a little heathen. Eric and Roger are sitting there frozen in shock. Finally, my Pastor came to my rescue and escorted the errant toddler off the stage. Yup, everyone had a good laugh at my expense.
Let's see. There's more. Never shower with a toddler without expecting some brutally honest comments. Such as, "Mom, why is your belly so big?" (Should I laugh or cry?) He caught Eric getting out of the shower the other day and goes, "Eeeww! Gross! I didn't want to see that!"
The other day Eric and I were arguing. Eric picks the fights and it makes me so mad that Connor always sides with him. So in the middle of our argument, Connor is telling me to be quiet, I turn to him and said, "Connor, you don't understand. Daddy is picking a fight with ME". He says, "Yes I do understand!" He turns to Eric and says, "Daddy, you need a new attitude!". LOL!
The other day, I picked him up from my mother-in-law's. I asked him, "Connor, did you eat anything?" Yes. "What'd you eat?" He replies, "A cockroach". LOL! I nearly fell over. Then the next day, out of the blue he goes, "Roaches are good." I said, "Eeww, no they're not". He goes, "Yes they are. They're good if you cook 'em". Where does he get this stuff about roaches?

He's getting really ornery lately. It's so darned cute, though, I hate to spank him. But if I don't correct him, he'll turn into Ryan. Ha ha!


Jude said...

Don't try and fool us... you know you feed that boy roaches!LOL. That is seriously gross and yet, very funny. Guess you can tell I am the mother of boys too huh??? I love the Santa hat shot and wowee...he sang in front of all those people? He is going to be a HAM!! :) Too cute! Can't wait to hear about your Prima entry... :) Lincoln has been getting a little "mouthy" lately. I am sure some would think it was no biggie, but I cannot stand it and he is gonna learn the hard way I am afraid!! :)(maybe I shouldbreak out my copy of "Bringing up Boys" LOL!!)

Liz Ness said...

TOO FUNNY! I love all of the things he's saying and doing (except for the lifting of the dress, heh-heh). Great stories and a great idea for a title of a scrap page!

Jude said...

Theresa... Time to update the ol' blog... :)

Theresa Tyree said...

LOL, JUDE! You're right. If it wasn't for you and Liz, I wouldn't have anyone posting. I guess I'm boring. Love ya, girlfriend.

Jocelyn said...

Connorisms - I love that!!! Did I read roaches?!?! UGH! LOL!

Just wanted to drop by and thank you for the RAK! It's beautiful and I can't wait to use them.

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