Monday, October 16, 2006

The weirdest thing about me

I can't believe I forgot what the weirdest thing is about me! The weirdest thing about me is that I don't wear deodorant! LOLOL!! I never have worn it. I think I'm ok b/c nobody's ever told me I stink. If I did stink, my mom would be the first to tell me (she doesn't mind telling me I'm fat all the time). Ha ha! I've borrowed shirts from friends before where their pit smell transfered to my underarms, and boy! I couldn't stand it. It made me sick to my stomach. So I think if I smelled, I would know it. Ha ha. I just thought of something. Just the mere fact that I'm talking about this makes me weird. So I guess that's another weird thing about me.


Jude said...

Ok,that is weird... and I promise to not hold back and tell ya' if ya' stink whenever we meet up in real life...ROFLOL!!(You know I am just kidding, I am sure you would know if you did.)And yep...I have thought of LOTS more weird things that I do too!LOL.

Anonymous said...

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