Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wow, how time flies.

Josh and Ryan, then (1996)

Josh and Ryan, now (2008)

My how time flies. Sad.


Anonymous said...

HUGS. You know, your boys were cute then and are now, too. They look like such good kids, too.

Happy Holidays, my friend!

=) Liz

Margie H said...

Hey, friend!
Time definitely flies but enjoy the ride as much as possible! What a bunch of cuties..then & now :0)
Think of you often!

Debbie said...

I should have known you would post something like this. It scarey how time flies by! Glad to see you posting again. Maybe I will soon have my scrapping buddy back too! Luv ya!

Dettao said...

They do grow up fast. Merry Christmas, Theresa. I hope you receive many blessings this year.

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